Slow Loris Are The Funniest And Cutest Animals 2017 [BEST OF]

Slow Loris Are The Funniest And Cutest Animals 2017 [BEST OF]
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A funny and cute slow loris videos compilation. Check out one of the cutest animal videos and also the funniest animal moments in this new compilation. Slow loris tickle, slow loris eating, slow loris brushing and more.


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  1. I'd love to take this video and edit it by moving the clips around, just so I can post it and watch a bunch of youtube white knights have a meltdown in the comments. Internet outrage is just getting so easy to create these days!

  2. I see I'm not the first to say this, but yes, the arms up is a means of defense. Slow lorises are very threatened by the Illegal Wildlife Trade, because they are popular for their cuteness and being "tickled." However, did you know that the Illegal Wildlife trade has connections with criminal associations? And either way, taking animals from the wild is wrong. Even if we think they are domesticated , they will always be wild, and we need to respect them because of that- which means taking special effort in being responsible in what we do and thinking about how it affects wildlife.

  3. Mihaifrancu, simply said, you are an ass. Apparently, you know nothing about treatment of animals that belong in the wild. Delete this vile video.

  4. I believe YouTube asked people with Slow Loris's to please voluntarily REMOVE the video's because it is causing people to want them and when people want them they are being taken from the wild & then they break out their incisors (this is a venomous animal) with nail clippers and they are sold into the pet trade. Over half of those who are captured do not survive the capture. The species is now endangered just BECAUSE they are so cute. Yes, they are cute and it is going to cause their extinction. This is also a nocturnal animal and it has been shown by zoologists that captive Slow Loris's who are forced to be awake during the day and sleep at night (simply for the convenience of their owners) only live half their normal life span so keeping them awake during the day is killing them slowly.
    It is criminal in the US and most European countries to even be caught having one. I would have hoped there were no more of these video's but people seem to be so hell bent on showing how cute their pet is they don't care about the damage they are doing to the species they supposedly love so much and seeing these little sweethearts awake and active during the day and knowing they only live about 20 years in captivity but becomes 10 years when not allowed to live their normal nocturnal lifestyle makes me very sad. If kept to human hours they will probably only live to about 10 or 12 years when there are reports of one living to the age of 26 years when living in the proper environment. It is also very painful for them to be in the daylight direct sunlight, I believe, can actually cause retinal damage in this NOCTURNAL animal. Having retinitis pigmentosa myself, I know how painful sunlight can be when your eyes cannot handle bright lights.
    So enjoy your little pets while you have them but please, if you care about this species, remove the video's so that others are not tempted to go out and buy one. It is killing them all.

  5. Oh my God! It just loves to be brushed! Adorable!
    UPDATE !!!!!
    On second thought, after doing some Wikkiing, yeah, this video is bad. I must admit, I'm guilty of finding this video irresistible at first. However, it does glorify Loris ownership in that it makes it look safe. The Loris may think it's owner is actually another Loris and not human, which may explain it's behavior. Yes, they are adorable. However, it isn't right to own one and I agree that videos like this perpetuate the risk to this endangered species. They don't belong in people's homes. They belong in the wild. Sorry.

  6. This video should be removed. Slow lorises are not meant to be tickled and bought as “pets” just because they’re cute. Slow lorises are being trafficked out of the wild and sold as “pets”, bought by ignorant and misguided people who want them because of these videos. This isn’t helping their survival as a species. Tickling could actually cause distress for slow lorises. All non-Rescue, “pet” slow loris videos should be WIPED from the Internet…

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