Real Ghost Caught on Camera to Enter into the House | #Scary #Ghost #Horror #Devil

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Real Ghost Caught on Camera to Enter into the House | #Scary #Ghost #Horror #Devil

An alleged earthbound spirit of the dead. Parapsychologists generally use the term 11 apparition.” Ghosts may be visible,
but generally, a ghost makes its presence known through mysterious noises, smells, cold breezes and movements of objects.
In more than a century of scientific inquiry in the West, there are no definitive answers about ghosts and their natures;
yet, virtually all cultures have believed at one time or another in the ability of the ghosts of the dead to return to the
world of the living. When they return, earthbound ghosts may have either benevolent or malevolent intent or unfinished

The repeated manifestation of strange and inexplicable sensory phenomena-smells, sounds, tactile sensations and
hallucinations-said to be caused by ghosts or spirits attached to a certain locale. There is no general pattern to a
haunting. Some phenomena manifest periodically or continually over a short period of time-a matter of days-or a long
duration, going on for centuries. Little is known about why or how hauntings occur. It is popularly assumed that most
hauntings involve apparitions, or ghosts, of the dead. In fact, apparitions are associated with a minority of reported
cases. Most hauntings involve noises, such as mysterious footsteps, rustlings, whisperings, animal sounds and howlings,
thumps, tappings and rappings; smells, especially of flowers, perfume, burned wood or rotting flesh or matter; tactile
sensations, such as a cold prickling of the skin, cold breezes and feelings of being touched by an invisible hand.
Some hauntings feature poltergeist activities such as rearranged furniture, stopped clocks, smashed glassware and mirrors,
and the paranormal movement of objects. Hauntings sometimes can be brought to an end through exorcisms conducted either
by clergy or by mediums who reportedly can communicate with the ghost or spirit believed to be responsible for the haunting. Such measures do not always succeed.

Type: Spirit
Description: Good spirits of the dead believed to be protectors.

Type: Ghosts
Description: Sometimes evil, believed to be ghosts of those dying without a family.

Type: Ignis fatuus light
Description: Believed to be the soul of a child who was buried in the forest, presiding over plants, roots & trees

Type: Spirit
Description: Generally good spirits of the dead.

Type: Manifestations
Description: Visions or supernatural manifestations of the Blessed Virgin Mary accompanied by paranormal phenomena.
According to the Catholic church, religious apparitions are not ghosts but mystical phenomena permitted by God.

Type: Ghosts
Description: Often heard chanting & singing, some wishing to remain in beloved surroundings, others having suffered a
violent death due to their faith during times of religious prosecution.

Type: Ghosts
Description: Alledgidly belonging to women of the church that met with violent death during religious persecution or are
being punished for their trasgressions.

Type: Spirit
Description: Mischievious & often malevalent spirit or energy that is characterised by the moving of objects, noise &
general physical disturbances.

Type: Ghost
Description: Ghosts of humans & animals that haunt travel routes, stations & vehicles usually associated with tragedies of

Type: Supernatural being or animal
Description: One who conducts the soul in safety to the afterworld.

Type: Spirit
Description: Shapeshifting, helpful & mischeivious
Other Names: Pooka, puck.

Type: Ghosts
Description: Glowing ghosts of boys murdered by their mothers, whose appearance portains to ill luck & violent death.

Type: Demon
Description: Dimwitted nocturnal creatures with distgusting habits appearing as black figures with yellow or flaming hair,
wearing a wreath of entrails.

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