Helicopter Crash Compilation – Part 02

Helicopter Crash Compilation - Part 02
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WARNING: This video contains footage some viewers may find distressing, This is shocking
Helicopter Accident


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  1. call themselves trained pilots ? one of the first thing your taught is ground effect 80%+ of these were the cause, can never be too safe from start up to shut down.

  2. What percentage of Robinsons crash due to them being owned but dumb rich people who shouldn't be flying because they view them as a toy to show off?

  3. 2:30 I do believe Ive seen this video from the perspective of the ship. The landing gear gets caught on the edge of the pad and the helicopter flips into the water.

  4. 9:53 Anyone else see this marked off area with the words 'DANGER' and instantly felt betrayed by Kenny Loggins?
    It was never about being a fighter pilot was it Kenny or Top Gun? Nope, it is about being able to just PARK your helicopter without fruit Ninjaing yours and someone elses helicopter.

  5. No fun watching these crashes from the inside of the choppers! Funny thing is alot of the pilots remind me of myself bcuz whenever I've crashed an 18 wheeler or a car I crash very calmly and laid back as if I'm not at that moment crashing a fucking semi truck or car lmao!

  6. 7:00 believe they did the auto rotation thing too early. Blade stops and reverses direction of travel which too my understanding would only occur if you changed the pitch of the blades too early.

  7. They look so DANG flimsy!!! It's so sad when they crash in the ocean because it looks like there's NO CHANCE!!! That one where you could hear the crash & the water coming in was so sad!! Hope that guy's dog came back ahhaha he left him outside!!!

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