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  1. Teacher: every body sit in your seats
    schools flys away
    Everybody: WEEEEEEEEEE
    Student: I need the toilet
    toilet flys away
    Student: oh great
    pees pants

  2. aTornado is Spirits Cleaning up what they Lost Hurricane Micheal was coming for your cash Mr. Trumph. but your the Pres are your ASSETS SECURE? when you die, all your possessions will go to who you say, but the spirits of Everyone you robbed are going to collect what YOU cheated them out of…. Did you pay your bills? Not to be personally but the gold marilago is A Death Trap. And YOUR Daughter might be the prize like ALL women YOU YOu You GRABBED by the pussy. that's why Obama got GREY hair in eight years STUPID the job ain't easy if you're a Big HUGE pussy grabbeR good luck w your job, you've got ,,Months,, then you can go HOME. PS take you're fn FAMILY w you the MANDONS are a little pissed .

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