Huge Veg & Non Veg Food In Indian Wedding Ceremony | Biryani /Chicken/Fish /Gulab Jamon/Halva

Huge Veg & Non Veg Food In Indian Wedding Ceremony | Biryani /Chicken/Fish /Gulab Jamon/Halva
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Huge Veg & Non Veg Food In Indian Weeding Ceremony | Biryani /Chicken/Fish /Gulab Jamon/Halva.

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  1. Oh this looks like it was a beautiful wedding and the catered food was perfect with the servers and all the different foods a excellent touch for a great evening hope you guy's had fun and got really full thanks for sharing my friend and wish i was there???

  2. These people have no manners. Don't touch food with your hands when in line, don't use dirty plate when getting more foods, don't use two plates to get your food, there are plenty for everyone, eat with utensils and not scoop foods with hand and say thank you when people serve you food.

  3. Bharatiya paisewale hote ja rhe hai, kharcha karneke layak hote ja rhe hai, to jahir si bat hai, shadiyonke menu bhi rich hote ja rhe hai, 5star hotelowala khana hota hai, aajkal shadiyon me. Mere bachapan me 25 saal pehle Maharashtra me hi koi bhi shadi me jao to wohi baigan ki sabji, roti, chawal, fiki daal, kadhi, pakode, aur kabhi kabhar sweet me jalebi. Bada boring sa khana hota tha.

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