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  1. The last picture is former singer of the Doors Jim Morrison. The picture was taken in the cemetery in France where Jim Morrison is buried. Why did you put a child complained he sees a shadow in his doorway. That is is Jim Morrison former lead singer of the Doors!! Why did you put a child complained..when in fact it is a picture of Jim Morrison? I,ve seen the guy who took this picture in the Paris cemetary on YouTube.If you aren,t going to fix the mistake, get off YouTube!!

  2. Dude,I don't know who you are but I will never believe ghosts are real!I saw the feet in half of the pictures!

  3. I belive bcz 15 minete that evil white long 10. Fit man. ..catch my leg. ..he 8.metar. .far me. …i dont no people belive aur no. .?. ..i belive

  4. Waite a minute now. I've been told previously on several occasions that that last one is a photo of Jim Morrisons tomb and that's him.

  5. Check out the turkey hotel. I've heard that it's the most creepiest hotel you've ever been to! not quite sure where the exact location is… Can someone tell me?

  6. nice work there is however a problem with the confederate soldier pic as ive looked at that a few times myself and even went as far as checking weather conditions which prove that is was part of a fog bank moving in later that day but the rest are legit

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