Ultimate Close Calls 2017, Lucky People caught on Cam – Idiot Drivers vs Stupid Pedestrian #19

Ultimate Close Calls 2017, Lucky People  caught on Cam - Idiot Drivers vs Stupid Pedestrian #19
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Ultimate Close Calls 2017, Lucky People caught on Cam – Idiot Drivers vs Stupid Pedestrian – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!

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  1. As a regular visitor to continental Europe I've noticed that the majority of drivers ignore the fact that pedestrians have priority on crossings. As in this compilation, many don't even acknowledge red traffic lights at crossings. Never fear, though; the rest of the world is catching up! ?

  2. Listen guys, if you don't know how to pass a street then go and die better. Life is way more complex than that.

    As far as the stupid drivers, I wouldn't trust them driving a 3 wheeled chair.

    Stupidity overdose, unreal!

  3. Russian traffic: When someone stops at a pedestrian crosswalk, overtake him in the middle of the road! Don't forget to shout blyat when you hit somebody.

  4. More like: Stupid fucktard car drivers that go way too fast & People that dont look for cars if they cross roads compilation
    but yea , theres also a decent amount of luck in most of those clips

  5. One of the first things I can remember my parents teaching me as a kid is to look both ways twice before crossing the road. Not just for a split second, long enough to see the movement of all vehicles.

  6. This video got my blood boiling. Some of these people actually deserve to be run over. (Relax, I dont REALLY mean it, but you get my point)

  7. So…I guess looking out for yourself just isn't a priority to these people.WOW.I would NEVER cross a street without looking…even at 3:00 in the morning with zero traffic.Incredible.

  8. Here's the problem that I see. Pedestrians who are too complacent or lazy to look both ways before crossing the street. Yes, drivers definitely need to slow down in congested areas where pedestrians are likely to be waddling across the street, but equal blame must be shared with foot traffic to make damn certain that some speeding imbecile isn't heading towards them with his/her head up their ass.

  9. 5:18 на этом перекрестке бабки постоянно носятся как угорелые, хотя есть подземный переход, бесят

  10. why do most people cross the freaking road expecting all cars to just freeze for them? It's not that hard to look both sides before you cross, that's like the first thing I was told to do as a kid.

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