Ghost caught on camera at Kent Ridge Park, Singapore

Spread The Viralist Footage taken from R3LOAD Network’s Singapore Haunted Season 2 Episode 8: Kent Ridge Park. Is this the figure of a ghost caught on camera? In this clip, an unknown figure was seen moving behind the two Singapore Haunted investigators while they were talking to the camera.


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  1. Gone there many times during my ITE days with my friend around 2014 to 2016. Walking from pasir panjang mrt and all the way to pepys road which lead to the museum and kent ridge park. The road is so ulu even if its day time.Try walking around night time. Who knows u can find some soldiers wandering around and maybe can try to ask them where they keep their stacks of gun and ammunations. Hidden Treasures are waited to be found within that area or maybe had been found by those people living near the top of the hill as their house are worth millions.

  2. yes I know what you are try to say.I was born in 1989 and I live there parsi panjang 14yr.I know everything.thanks you cause I believe your story

  3. That is so fucking lame guys…why dont u guys just go to a cemetery its more challenging if u wanna test ya guts…kent ridge park is for couples having fun….lmao

  4. WTF…………that was just a shadow obviously…fyi kent ridge park is a public place many peoples hang out during during the wee hours especially those who cant afford hotel…that a ghost??? scary…..lmao

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