Bear Rescued from Tiny Cage has the Best Reaction to Freedom | The Dodo Wild Hearts

Bear Rescued from Tiny Cage has the Best Reaction to Freedom | The Dodo Wild Hearts
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This bear spent years in a cage, now watch him swim for the first time.

You can learn more about this bear sanctuary on Facebook: and Instagram, baerenwald_mueritz: You can help the team at Barenwald Muritz bear sanctuary care for more bears like Rocco by donating:

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  1. I started crying! That wondrous and hopeful look on his face when he entered his new home! OMG!!!?I cried so bad! Bless you for saving his soul! KILL THOSE PEOPLE that kept poor, innocent Rocco in that cage for 8 years!

    Also, I sure hope that all of the people that disliked this video accidentally clicked that button!

  2. I don’t know why people do this animals think humans are good until they get abused they don’t even know what their doing and I swear PUT YOUR HANDS ON A PANDA? AND YOU WILL BE DEAD IT IS AGAINST THE LAW TO ABUSE THESE CREATURES so stay a distance from endangerd spiecies

  3. Thats cute… He totally can't believe he has his own pool.

    "Did you guys see this? There's water here! Did you know about this? I'm never getting out!" Lol

    Rescue animals are always so adorable when their life improves.

  4. People across the world have no problem caging animals for money or just for nothing, it will continue to happen until a change of believe that it is utterly wrong plus the luxury to stick to this belief.

  5. Damn it hurts because that bear would be so much different if it were never in captivity. I love that it now gets to experience some actual outdoor, in the grass and mud kinda fun and leisure but it is actually not uplifting to watch it so curious about the world. It's sad to see because it's cute for the wrong reasons. It hurts my damn heart to watch. Good on those who saved this bear and all those who are animal rescue or conservationists in general. Much love. Humans are a species that can do so much good and bad and it's ridiculous that we need to work against our own species to save others. We should all be on the same page with animal care vs abuse.

  6. Stating the obvious but any person who keeps a bear in captivity for any reason than to preserve their well being is a terrible person. Imagine if there were an afterlife where the person were in a cage on concrete with bare feet, nowhere to sleep comfortably and waiting for your next meal rather than getting it yourself. So deplorable and disgusting. You could say that's somewhat of a hell. So why treat an animal like they're in hell? Turn them over to a sanctuary, take care of it properly, or fucking don't hold it in a cage in the first place. 3 totally obvious solutions to someone who has any sort of empathy toward a living being. Good on all of you in the comment section. 99% sure none of you are like that. Forgot about this channel but I love the content.

  7. Thank GOD there r still animal lovers in the world. That poor baby. Oh my. I had to come to comment section so I couldn't see until he was re used.

  8. If you think stuff like this is horrible then please do not support the dairy or egg industry and don‘t eat meat or fish. Otherwise your comments would make no sense cause all animals deserve to live free and happy… thank you????

  9. I want to see more of him in the santuary it makes my heat happy … crying tears of happiness and sadness for how he was in that cage for so long 🙂 Run free beautiful!!

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