The Bravest, Cutest Baby Monkey In The World | The Dodo Comeback Kids S02E03

The Bravest, Cutest Baby Monkey In The World | The Dodo Comeback Kids S02E03
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This Is The Bravest, Cutest Baby Monkey In The World | When rescuers found this tiny orphaned monkey, she had a broken foot and was so scared and confused. Today on Comeback Kids: Animal Edition, watch how Jerry decided she cared more about making friends than worrying about her foot and started giving hugs to all the other little monkeys. She bonded instantly with her foster mom — and the moment they return to the wild together is magic. To help save more vervet monkeys, you can support the Vervet Monkey Foundation: For more of Jerry and the other monkeys at VMF, visit:

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  1. What a face !!! ??? SO sad her mother was killed, how fortunate for her somebody rescued her and took her to this sanctuary, the people graciously helped her and now she has a family. People like this are the true heroes of our world.

  2. How can anybody put thumbs down for this
    Just beautiful what a beautiful story what a fantastic organisation helping them…
    When the foster mom grabbed her what care and love.

  3. Awwww jerry the baby girl monkey ur a brave adorable cute little Baby i really am going to prey for jerry to heal and recovery, she's definitely in the rigbt place i as a big animal lover supporter n i definitely care alot about our beloved monkeys cause they definitely should b freeto play n b loved n this monkey sanctuary is a beautiful awesome n amazing place n all the dedicated ppl who work here i nust wanna say thank u for caring and loving them

  4. You guys are doing an extraordinary job with this monkeys, thanks to people like you this monkeys have the opportunity to have a better life.

  5. Why shouldn't they be in homes? We as people used to live in the woods and jungles, do you want to go back to it? They may love it.

  6. What? Who Me? Nah I'm not crying. No those aren't tears. You see, I was just chillin watching this video. Everything was just fine until Mrs Gold took Jerry into her arms and gave that baby unconditional love and compassion without even thinking about it. So no, these aren't tears. They're 100% Happy " Love Drops "
    Thank you for sharing. Absolutely Beautiful!

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