5 Violent Ghost Attacks Caught on Camera (Real Ghost Attack Videos)

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5 Violent Ghost Attacks Caught on Camera, captured from YouTube live broadcasts! These are REAL Ghost ATTACKS and are disturbing! Watch as Real Paranormal Activity is caught on camera from some of the the most haunted places in the US. Ever watched a live stream on YouTube and seen what appears to be a ghost or real paranormal activity? For the past 10 years we have live streamed our ghost hunts live on YouTube and these are the top 5 scary paranormal/ghost events that we have caught on camera during our live broadcasts. YouTube live during live streaming broadcasts..

If you would like to see another paranormal clip, or ghost sighting included in this top 5 paranormal video please let us know. Thank you for watching this Top 5 Ghost Sighting Video, and please subscribe to livescifi!


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  3. Very interesting video! just we will never find out what is really hiding on the "other side"…
    While I have been staying In Italy (Tuscany Region) very old historical town full of churches and decided to hide from sudden sand storm and rain inside of the Churc, just next to the park and square, have captured strange "white skull " on camera, hanging on the wall.. Thought to delete it first, but then decided to upload.. Any Ideas what is that??? its like a skull or someone face..?

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  5. Why is always white ppl getting scratched? Black skin easier to hide just saying our caucasion skin is always shows more trauma than other skin colors?

  6. Hey Tim long time I haven’t seen ur videos. I’m trying to catch up, but for like 2 months I didn’t have internet cause I didn’t have electricity. I don’t know if u heard but the place where I live the Island of Puerto Rico was massively destroyed by a category 5 hurricane, hurricane Maria. So since December first which is when electricity was restored in my town I’ve been trying to catch up. No need to worried about me, my house is made out of concrete so nothing happen to me or my family, just that I was out of power for along time.

  7. Any stories on bad energies causing family stress and disfunction? Think I need to smudge my house. …..great videos keep up the good work!!!!

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