Animals In Predicaments: Animal Fails (Mar 2018) | FailArmy

Animals In Predicaments: Animal Fails (Mar 2018) | FailArmy
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What’s up, everybody? We have a brand spanking new compilation for your face. We know how much you love animals, so we put together a video featuring animals in weird predicaments! We have dog fails, cat fails, monkey fails, and much more! Don’t say we never did anything for you! Now leave a comment below and share with a friend.

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Little Dog Humps Bigger Dog
Dog Helps Move Fallen Tree After Hurricane
Husky Is Afraid To Jump Into Pool
Cat Smashes Through Box
Cockatoo Barks Back at Dogs
Three Huskies Throw Tantrum
Dog’s Head Gets Stuck on Halloween Costume
Guilty Dog Chews on Sunglasses
Cat Gets Rescued from Tree
Guy Saves Iguana From Middle of Ocean
Cat Swings From Light Fixture
Cat Gets Stuck in Pet Door
Baby and Puppy Play with Oatmeal
Cat in Claw Machine
Boston Terrier Wears Cowboy Costume
Group Rescues Raccoon Stuck Under Tree
Cat in Costume Falls Sideways
Dog Chases Chipmunk Around Tree Stump
Motorcyclists Rescue Puppy
Persian Cat Can’t Drink from Glass Cup
Two Bucks Fighting in Street
Dog Poops While Pulling Sled
Dog Can’t Find Ball
Dog Stumbles Around in Giraffe Onesie
Dog Chases Leash Around Chair
Dog Won’t Look Into Owner’s Eyes After Digging Hole
Dog Scared of Lizard
Dog Can’t Walk Through Door with Giant Stick in Mouth
Girl on Swing Bumps into Dog
Dog Gets Into Owner’s Makeup

Animals In Predicaments (March 2018) | FailArmy


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  1. I wanna see animals in predicaments not cute animals like come on I wanna a horse in a fucking tree or a cat inside of a locked car even when the car is locked before said cat enters the car

  2. Wow! People getting upset over animals wearing clothes?! Pretty dumb….what about overweight animals?! OH RIGHT, forgot everyone thinks its "Cute" or "Funny" Smh

  3. No big loss with the chewed up ray bans. They are cheap piece of shit glasses that idiots over pay for. Don't see why people spend a fortune on something that looks that ugly and is made in china out of plastic.

  4. 1:56 Ug, I forget some people are dumb. You know cats can fall from heights without hurting themselves, let alone climbing THE FUCK back down! My cat loves going up this oak tree and sitting in the branches, mostly just the one that peers over the neighbours garden, but still. And just – whiff- hops down, completely fine. BUT NOPE GOTTA CALL THE FIRE DEPARTMENT CAUSE THEY WONT MOVE… fucking iditos.

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