Street Cat Rescue: Charlie

Street Cat Rescue: Charlie
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We found Charlie meowing for help on the streets of Brooklyn. Follow along as she gets a second chance at VIP life and finds her own loving family! This video also addresses the importance of providing free or low cost spay neuter services to the public, and our partnership with The Toby Project to make that possible in Brooklyn.

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Chris Zabriskie – Everybody’s Got Problems That Aren’t Mine:
Flamingosis _ Birocratic – Passing By:
Stan Forebee – Perfect Your Own:
Flughand – Taivas:

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  1. People are also stupid and think spaying or neutering their pet somehow robs them of their sexuality or masculinity. My cousin for instance, won't get her dog fixed because they think it will harm their pet. Yet, every month they are putting diapers on the dog cause she 'stinks.' smh man….

  2. I'd really like to know if you can repair a bad introduction between cats. My family rescued a cat but the relationship between a couple of our cats is uneasy at best and attack on sight at worst.

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  4. My family recently decided to put down our beloved kitty Luna after her kidneys failed and the vet told us she only had a few painful days to live. It was one of the hardest things we have ever had to sit through, as we all held her close while the vet put her to sleep. I wanted to thank you for creating such beautiful videos and sharing such hopeful stories about kittens finding their forever homes. Your organization does wonderful work, and thank you so much again for helping my family through this hard time.

  5. Such a sweet kitty. And lol, you're right about dominant cats wanting to wash other cats. My Shadow, a silver tabby male tries to wash Cubby (orange and white tabby male) but Cubby wants no part of it. But overall they get along OK. 🙂

  6. Cats don't use grooming as dominance behavior, it is realy just a reflex and a sign of companionship. Also fighting and fighting are 2 different things. Cat's and especially younger cat's like to playfight with each other. When cat's are getting older they get more calmer just like humans. To decide weither or not a fight is serious watch the ears. When they are leaned backwards the cat means business (territory/hierarchy and sometimes just bad mood)

  7. vid: "we enjoyed every day with her like it could be our last, because one day it was"
    me: its ok she just got forever home, its ok she just got forever home, its ok she just got forever home…
    vid: "we found her perfect forever home"
    me: oh thank goodnes, i was afraid she had some undiscovered helth issue and died

  8. My cat is a rescued stray and he's incredibly vocal and friendly like Charlie, and also feels a loving family shouldn't need things like doors or privacy…

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