Zoo Wild Animals Surprise Eggs Panda Lion King Cub Rhino Monkey Camel Tiger Leopard Toys FluffyJet

Zoo Wild Animals Surprise Eggs Panda Lion King Cub Rhino Monkey Camel Tiger Leopard Toys FluffyJet
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Like & Subscribe to FluffyJet. Today we’re unboxing 16 toys including Lion King Surprise Eggs, Panda Surprise Egg, Lion Cub Surprise Egg, Rhino Surprise Egg, Monkey Surprise Egg, Camel Surprise Egg, Tiger Surprise Egg, Leopard Surprise Egg, Donkey Surprise Egg, Octopus Surprise Egg, Raccoon Surprise Egg & Possum Surprise Egg. Special guest appearance by the super tall Giraffe. Surprise Eggs video outro by Pocoyo. Learn animal colors & have fun with surprise eggs. Have an Eggcellent Easter & a Merry Christmas 🙂

Watch our Super Play Doh Surprise Eggs Playlist HERE:

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