10 Apocalyptic Natural Disasters That Are Waiting To Happen

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You may think they’re the stuff of Hollywood, but real disaster on a cinematic scale is just waiting to spring upon unsuspecting populations all over the world. Here are natural disasters that are just waiting to happen…

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  1. Soo 7% chance of a 7.8 in San Andreas, yet dutchsinse, a very credible earthquake forecaster, has showed us that a 7.5 is in the works very soon?? (Check his youtube channel for proof) Sounds to me like this big one is closer than we thought.

  2. Ok so I love this except that Yellowstone isn’t actually due and it’s a common scientific misconception, if we are speaking of the volcano as if it had a schedule(which it doesn’t) it would actually erupt after 725,000 years so we’d have over 100,000 years left before this occurs, this is because Yellowstone has had over 3 eruptions, 2.17 1.3 and 0.631 million years ago which has the average that was showed earlier which is 725,000 years, also the San Andreas fault “big one” actually has a 99.3% chance of happening in the next 30 years so that’s wrong

  3. Im In Very South East America From Super Volcano, Ill Only Get One Inch.
    What? A Simple Small Country? Oh.. I Know Now, Oh Darnit! Another Plot Twist! 3:00
    Sun: Slaps Earth In The Face With Solar Flare Humanity: ded of no tech and flames

  4. Also, Yellowstone could destroy multiple human civilizations maybe even end the world as we know it because it wont be just a year without summer, Yellowstone can possibly spew possibly a decade and a half to two decades worth of ash into the atmosphere giving us a brand new ice age of ash, Yellowstone can and will cover millions of people in ash but when it erupts, not only the US, but the whole world will be affected because the US is one of the worlds biggest economies and it will shut off trade routes from the North Eastern tip of Chukotka, which is in Russia to, all the way around the world, the Southern tip of South America leaving famine and cannibalism, families turning on eachother eating their brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, grand parents, great grandparents, cousins, etc., and leaving the poorest of people to die out, and what it can also do is bring human population down by numbers, killing not thousands, not millions, but billions of people making us have to restart civilization on some parts of the planet, this isn't a theory, it's a warning.

  5. I'm going to predict, it might possibly be warning, not saying it will happen because this is only a prediction so if it doesn't work don't get on my case about it, but I predict Yellowstone will erupt on May 24th, 2022 and the only safe place will be Antarctica and human civilization as we know it on the North American, South American, Eurasian, African and, Australian continents will end…

  6. Don't forget about Mt.Vesuvius, which is overdue to erupt. Last time Vesuvius erupted was in 1944 (very minor), compared to the eruption that destroyed 2 Roman cities (Herculaneum & Pompeii) in 79AD. If Vesuvius erupts again on a similar scale that destroyed Pompeii & Herculaneum, then Naples would be buried in a Pyroclastic surge/flow of ash.

  7. List for video

    10. Yellowstone Supervolcano

    9. Lake Nyos and Kivu

    8. Earthquakes under British Columbia

    7. Tuvalu

    6. Mount Fuji

    5. San Andreas Fault

    4. Solar Flares

    3. Slowed Rotation of The Earth

    2. Hilina Slump

    1. Mumbai Flooding

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