Girl Boss Day & The Cutest Puppies

Girl Boss Day & The Cutest Puppies
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Girl boss and seeing the cutest puppies. In today’s vlog I’m shooting a bunch for Wonderlocks, I’m watching an amazing sunset, I go see agility with dogs, and more. I hope that you enjoy this chill vlog from the weekend.

Some of the items won’t be up at the time you see this.
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  1. It's so sad to see you poorly!! Do you have asthma?? I'd defo get some multivitamin and minerals into you? I'd love to see you thrift shopping, you find and buy the best things ????

  2. How can you throw away those flowers with such ease :'( Breaks my heart. Are sunflowers only blooming once? I really don't know, but they looked pretty good to me. They bring such a nice vibe to your kitchen!

  3. Yes vlog more 🙂 please. I also think what another person said, it looks as if your sunflower has spider mites. I know by now though you probably already took out your sunflowers.???

  4. Hey Buchies❣ Elise so glad you're feeling better. If you decide to vlog more I will definitely watch. Love the moon and stars necklace actually love everything, you have such great fashion sense.

  5. ?????? lovely !!! How fun! Really excited to see those new items for your shop , that you were photographing at your moms! Don’t blame you for requesting to keep that beautiful stained glass piece either ?

  6. Not trying to give medical advice…….but have you tried a puffer for you chest ? It opens the airways in the lungs and makes you feel better ?❤

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