Ghost Caught On Camera In Army Base | UNCOVERED Ep.1

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We have re-evaluated this submission. We declare it officially “debunked” but will leave the video online for viewing purposes. The figure in the reflection is merely his fingers. Thanks for the help Youtubers.

This is episode one of our new MICRO series “UNCOVERED”. In this micro series, we will accept paranormal evidence from all over the globe to show to our viewers. In this episode, a woman sent us a picture from her son who is currently residing in an army base in Alabama. He took this picture to send to his girlfriend and something strange showed up standing directly behind him. Tell us what you think in the comments!


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  1. Love the idea of giving the public a platform to show their personal findings but is this the only place or channel that does it? I've never seen it in any other video.

  2. We used to see a little girl in the computer room window in the barracks, we named her the ghost of fire watch past as a joke but a lot of people were scared of it.

  3. Hmm If you look at smallest phone it clearly looks like a demon face to me! Then again it is not the best resulution on my youtube, so if someone who can clear up the photo take a look and tell what you see!?

  4. The Base They're Speaking of is Ft. McClellan, Alabama. I spent 61wks (basic & AIT) There. Some areas of The Base trace back to The Civil War, and it's a Place that I was happier to Leave than Kuwait and Iraq. No Joke!

  5. Hello Believe, I have two photos, one showing the forms of at least two spirits at night in my otherwise dark Bd .rm 2009 Also a photo of me taken at a physic fair in San Jose 1983 where a blue eyes male is in profile with mouth open as if shouting in my ear (no videos) could you use these, both have back ground stories.

  6. bring the hand of the soldier up to the reflection behind him and they match . this is no unusual when you take a picture in front of the mirror.

  7. OMG..LMAO..he does say his mother said it hasnt been tampered with! Lol..well then, thats all we need to hear! lol..sorry, funny..dont mean to be rude..but, funny

  8. On the screen, you can see the fingers he is using to hold the phone. The 'ghost' are these fingers on the mirror which is then reflected on the phone.

    Since his fingers aren't in the way of the lens, then you won't see anything.

  9. a reflection of his hand? really? in what way does it possibly look like his hand and fingers? not to mention the fact that the "reflection" is huge, positioned behind him and is not even the same color skin tone. i'm not saying this is definitely something paranormal. hell, for all we know it could just be photoshopped, but the asinine explanation of it being his hand is fucking idiotic and makes no sense to me.

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