Best MTB Fails of 2018 | Friday Fails #50

Best MTB Fails of 2018 | Friday Fails #50
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Oh man, do we have a treat for you! It’s time for the Best Mountain Bike Fails of the Year! Selected from our weekly fails video, this is 2018’s cream of the crop.

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Videos have been taken from our website, and we have full rights to use these videos as per our terms of use that can be seen below. We put a lot of fails together, so please notify us in the comments of your clip and we will shout you out in an edited pinned comment!:…

Thanks to all that submitted them in! Have a fail on Pinkbike? Send us a message on here and we’ll include you in the next one.

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  1. These were so brutal I paused and checked the time, hoping it was nearly over. I was only 1.5 mins in…. I watched the rest of course.

  2. Dear Pinkbike, I blame you and my friend (who introduced me to this channel) for contributing to the fact that I only rode my bike once this year (just to check rigging, no singletrack). But I am still in one piece.

  3. That Sabbath clip….. man… I'd love to see a good video done to Children of the Grave. Literally my favorite tune from Sabbath, and maybe fav tune of all time!

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