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  1. What's this? Another video of a bull dominating a lion? Wow, I bet the lot of you are complaining about how the lion should've won, or they should put in a tiger. Well here's news for you feline fanatics, a tiger will be even easier to beat than a lion.

  2. I gotta give it to lions they are stupid but they fight to the death.I seen a few videos where lions know they cant win but they still keep fighting until they are killed. I guess its kill or be killed with them

  3. bulls hit like bitches that's why humans ride they back and play with them so much a true beast will not be played with that much that coward bull got weight for nothing he let the lion keep coming back cause he big and sorry lol

  4. sorry bull got that weight for nothing he can't kill that lion big ass he is he should have been kill that lion I bet if they would have kept going that lion would have kill that bullshiter lol

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