Rescued Carriage Horses Look SO Happy and Healthy Now | The Dodo

Rescued Carriage Horses Look SO Happy and Healthy Now | The Dodo
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Rescued Carriage Horses Look SO Happy and Healthy Now | When this lady saw a Facebook post about two abandoned horses, she told her husband to get ready for an adoption ? ?

You can keep up with Luke and Ike’s wonderful new home on Facebook: You can also help their rescuers save more horses like them, by supporting Last Chance Corral:

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  1. Fatten those beauties up and spoil them forever. Poor gee-gees. I’m so glad they are with good people now! I have not words for the scumbags who left them…

  2. This is the problem with Carraige Horse companies. There's no explicit problem with a working animal. There's a huge problem with a company letting this happen to a working animal, and carriage companies do it all – the – time. In the past if you didn't treat your horse good, and it died, you died too because there was nobody to help you plow your field. Now there are no consequences at all unless the law imposes them. Working animals deserve respect. They're coworkers who are simultaneously dependents. They need their human partners' protection and too often they're treated like machines that can be overworked, beaten, and allowed to rust away into garbage in a back room somewhere.

  3. If anyone likes stories like this I highly recommend reading Hope Rising. Such a beautiful book. True stories of a woman’s ranch that rescues abused horses

  4. I know Last Chance Corral through the Dutch Angel Dragon community, and it makes me so happy to see that they’re saving these gorgeous animals. I hope the two of them live long, happy lives from now on!!! ❤️?

  5. HEADS UP TOURIST EVERYWHERE!!!!  REMEMBER the cute little carriage ride you take when on vacation.  This is the fate of those horses with many more ending up in kill auctions which is where horses are purchased for slaughter.  YES THIS HAPPENS ALL OVER THE USA.  THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU DO!!!

  6. if u know which you probably don’t, what feed did they use? i have a super skinny rescue and it was exactly the same when they got those drafts.

  7. God bless you and your husband. I did the same with a father and son mammoth donkey duo. Wouldn’t trade them for all the tea in China,,,

  8. I cringe when I see the ignorance in humans and the horrible result of that ignorance. Thank you and all of the people who worked to bring these beautiful animals back to life and give them the love they so desperately need. Blessings on you all.

  9. I see so many comments saying “not all carriage riding industries are bad” see that’s not the point, it’s the same as people buying coats with real fur and saying “I don’t want it to go to waste” but every time you pay for it whether it’s carriage riding or coats with fur you ARE supporting the overall INDUSTRY. to a person that is uneducated about horses and their health, a malnourished horse can often VERY often be mistaken as healthy. My overall point is that if these types of industries are going to stop all of it has to stop (the ones that charge money for it). Even though some might be with only good intentions. Do know that these rides are most typical at vacation destinations. Do yourself a favor and do not pay for these rides.

  10. All these neglected animal videos are great in the end, but just make humans disgusting to me. It’s not once in awhile, it is everywhere. There are probably literally millions of neglected and abused animals just in our country

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