Mystery visitor rescued from house chimney! – Animal rescue

Mystery visitor rescued from house chimney! - Animal rescue
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Birds stuck in chimneys are quite a common call here at Wildlife Aid. The unfortunate victim usually falls down the top and doesn’t have the room to climb back out!

Simon was recently called to help a member of the public who was worried about noises coming from inside the chimney. The entrance was protected by a metal grate which, unfortunately, wasn’t too easy to get off!

Luckily, Simon eventually found a way in to the trapped pigeon and soon had it free once more. After a quick check to make sure it was not injured or too thin, it was released back into the wild once more.

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  1. SIMON: 'Come on Pig, don't fly into a car, now that would be silly!'
    ME: ' Out of the frying pan and into the fire, or out of the chimney and into the car…!'

  2. I am really looking forward to tomorrow. I asked the question about the acquisition of the Wildlife SOS series. Lori, if you do decide to try and pronounce my last name it's kuh: as in umbrella; and zell: as in sell with a "Z".

  3. Something I noticed now I live in Japan.  If this situation were to happen here (it wouldn't actually cos they don't have wildlife rescue groups but anyway), every care would be taken to keep the floor/carpets clean regardless of whether a house is expensive or not!!

  4. You guys need to get a rechargeable screwdriver, instead of wrenching it out with an old hand tool.  It will dramatically cut down your rescue times, when you need to remove panels like that.  And it won't take any more space in the trunk (or, as you British folks call it, the "boot.")  🙂

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