Death Valley Days (4k)

Death Valley Days (4k)
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A week in Star Wars canyon bagged some really great passes including some rare birds.

0:24 F22 RAPTOR (usaf)
0:52 F18 HORNET (us navy)
1:17 F35A LIGHTNING (air frame 01)
1:34 F16 (Vermont vipers – usaf)
1:55 F18 HORNET X2 (us navy)
2:30 T38 TALON (usaf)
2:40 T38 TALON (usaf)
2:50 B200 KING AIR (usaf)
3:15 C27J SPARTAN (Italian Air Force)
3:38 T38 TALON (usaf)
3:54 F18 HORNET (us navy)
4:15 F16 (Vermont vipers – usaf)
5:07 T34C TURBO MENTOR (nasa)
5:17 F15C (California air guard)
5:35 MC 130 HERCULES (usaf)
6:01 F18 HORNET (us navy)
6:23 F15D (nasa)
6:41 F15C X2 (California air guard)

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  1. No s400 anti aircraft device to knock them out of the sky's.. even a few taliban volunteers with rocket launchers having a good day. ?. They let you see these aircraft just think about the one's the American military complex will not divulge.. the only thing I like about these weapons is Russia and China have been busy catching up.. and there dark aircraft that we don't get to see.. everyone on a fair playing field..!!

  2. August 2, 2019. A F/A-18 Super Hornet crashed in Star Wars Canyon today, killing the pilot and injuring at least 7 spectators. This type of tragedy usually ends up with civilian spectators being banned from the area.

  3. I hope everyone is OK and makes it through for the crash that happened that's so unfortunate, i was planning to take kids to experience this.

  4. Hi, I'm a reporter with NBC National News in NYC. Did you take this video? If so, will you give NBCU permission to use the video for all of our partners and platforms? Thank you.

  5. I lived for 6 years in Saline Valley and these guy were a constant air show. It was so beautiful when they'd sweep around the valley at low altitude releasing flares. They'd come over my place and dip their wings. I saw some amazing skills!

  6. OK boys, have fun here, but never forget:

    The absolute hero is the american citizen paying 700 Billion $ tax per year (the military budget) – or if he has no means, fasting to make this show possible.

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