Real Ghosts Caught On Tape 2016 : Top 5 Real Ghost Videos

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Real ghosts caught on tape, this top 5 list has been updated for 2016 with some of the best real ghost videos, all claimed to be 100% authentic by the posters. You be the judge if these scary videos contain real ghosts or just elaborate fakes.

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Or my video Top 5 Real Ghosts – Caught on Film

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  1. Lmfao ol dude at blockbuster didn't think nothing about it because of the shlefs but when more and more came down he said ohhh helll nawww lol

  2. The hotel "ghost" doesnt make sense. As someone thats sold and installed cctv for about 20 years the positioning of those cameras in the hallway seems suspect .

  3. Didn't you guys notice From that hotel ghost? When he opened the door 2sec later one misty figure got outside of the room? It was inside and screaming and doing all that stuff. Damn nuke, you also didn't notice that??

  4. To me the,voice sounds Haitian and the words sound just like you put up on the video. Fallen Angel? Nephilim? I mean, that is a voice without a doubt.

  5. Bruh the hotel ghost is kind of a dick

    Bitch screams and tears up a room and just leaves to probably do it to a different room.

  6. Hears horrific screaming coming from a room like someone is in real trouble.
    "Don't go in there wait for the police"
    Well done John, ghost or not he wasn't going to stand outside waiting God knows how long for the police to arrive when it sounded like someone was in real trouble on the other side of that door. ??
    Bravo John ?

  7. Chills run down my spine when I see that white mist exited the door in the Hotel
    Ghost. Besides, no way hotels would fabricate this story they don't want to scare their guest.

  8. In the second one the ghost is really messing with him and making his job harder. The screams in the hotel sounded like screams from a hidden speaker. The last one would be Dellor as a ghost when he rages.

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