Never Turn Your Back on BIG CATS!

Never Turn Your Back on BIG CATS!
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Tigers, Lions, Leopards and all other species of big cats are WILD animals, they will always have their wild instincts and as this video illustrates they will never make good “pets” !!

You can help feed the cats at no cost to you using Amazon Smile!

BIG CAT TV is a close look into our day-to-day operations, the conservation efforts we support, and the exotic feline residents of “Big Cat Rescue” in Tampa, FL. USA. Big Cat Rescue is an educational non-breeding sanctuary and a registered non-profit 501c3 so your donations are tax deductible!

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  1. Dude: (Turns around)
    Big cat: Oh hey, hah, hey, I was just uh admiring this fence you guys have here, it’s uh really nice (nervous but sinister meow)

  2. The fact that they have a lion and a white tiger together in an enclosure also proves human physical differences mean nothing. If they can get along so can we

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