Ghost in my Apartment 8 (Real Ghost Caught on Camera)

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This has good orb activity and it knocks over my speaker!


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About the Author: Joseph Chansuolme


  1. I fucking knew I saw orbs the first time I watched one of your videos (Filmed when your gf was gone)

    Have been more into paranormal activity videos so I came back just to see them in action lol

  2. I've had weird shit like this happen in my apartment too. I had the tv in my bedroom turn on one off throughout the night. My fan has stopped working in the middle of the night without the dial being turned to the off position. I regularly hear footsteps from my bedroom – I'm on the top floor. A bottle of Ouzo that was on top of my fridge at least 4 inches from the edge fell off. My lunch pail that was also on top of my Fridge literally flew off and hit me on the shoulder.

  3. Hola, alguien publico unos de sus videos grabados en su habitación, y tuve interés de ver su canal para poder comentar, una de las razones por las que suceden este tipo de cosas, como una presencia paranormal, es probablemente los que vivieron anteriormente en ese apartamento, realizaron algún tipo de invocación, lo típico de adolecentes como realizar la “huija”, esto trae serias consecuencias como ejemplo dejar el ritual abierto porque se asustaron y dejaron el tema ahí, si el portal quedo abierto como parece el caso terminan apareciendo entidades paranormales, que poco a poco van apoderándose del lugar, lo más aconsejable es trasladarse a otro apartamento, por que ese tipo de situaciones son difíciles de controlar.

  4. That was no orb, it was a penlight of sorts, and notice how it was always at the top of the frame and would go out of frame quickly , pure hoax. Sorry guys, this guy is a fraud.

  5. Hey call the TAPS team i dont believe in this stuff but i like watching them and well they are all over the place but this is kinda believable not saying your lying its just hmmm i would trust the TAPS team they are Professional’s and they will be beneficial so look the up they travel all over the US and they have made trips outside the country as well

  6. I read a lot about ghosts, I really believe in them. They do not show up. They live with you, but you will never see them. I think they give you alerts to leave their house.

  7. on all your videos so far I've seen orbs flying around. so you do have spirits around you. I do believe they have something they want to tell you or want you to leave?.

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