Are these REAL GHOSTS caught on camera?

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More scary ghosts hidden in photos from Kaylena Orr:
GHOST caught on trail camera…

Links to creepiest photos can you spot what’s wrong:
12 Disturbing Photos That Make It Hard Not To Believe In Ghosts
The best creepy ghost pictures that are so scary they could be real
11 spooky real ghost pictures

ABOUT KAYLENA ORR: Let’s explore the creepy corners of the internet together! The Rad Fam is a community that has a fascination with paranormal investigations and wants to explore the scariest urban legends around the world. On this channel, we dive into real creepy paranormal stories, we cover freaky ghost stories and go to the most haunted places in the world that report real ghost sightings or capture real ghosts on camera, we deep dive into the scariest urban legend games and rituals you should NEVER play & why.. You can expect to see creepy urban legends explained, scary true stories, Reddit scary NO SLEEP stories, and creepypastas. So if you dig scary Japanese urban legends, scary Korean urban legends, and paranormal games, hit the subscribe button to join the Rad Fam today! Thank you for watching my entertainment videos in 2019!

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  1. I'm covering my favorite topic again! lol jk ghosts hidden in the background of pictures will never not leave me with fear sweat lol. I hope you like today's vid and remember to turn on my channel notifications so that you are alerted when I post new vids throughout the week! ^__^

  2. You are so cute! I love how expressive you are with your hands and body language. Is that more just performance or the natural you? It's adorable.

  3. Just try not to picture a skeletal hand with bits of flesh clinging to it and long nails lunge out of the screen. Yup, you’re welcome ??

  4. I work nights in a nursing home and sometimes can get really creepy. Every so often I'll see someone in scrubs walk past our unit (I work on a lockdown unit with residents that have late stage alzheimers and dementia and it's in the very back of the facility) I turn to see who it was or where they're walking to and I won't see them walk by. Definitely creepy

  5. when ever i have my cats in my room they go in this serten conner and stare at it and i can hear scraching from in the wall :/

  6. Back to the hospital experiences usually when an inmate is bound to pass the Colonel may recall one of the two officers typically assigned to the room. The rule is the individual is still in the custody of the state until the ME signs off and the coroner takes custody of the now passed person. I can recall two instances that stood out to me: One where the room seemed just a little brighter and filled with a peaceful warmth moments before and after the person passed and one instance where the lights flickered, you felt this great sense of dread, the room filled with this rotten smell and you actually saw steam rising up from the person's body. I never saw like a shadow but just felt a paralyzing fear as though I shouldn't take another step closer.

  7. I absolutely know that feeling. I've seen a lot happen in hospitals while on guard duty whenever we have to secure a state prisoner.

  8. im pretty sure its your reflection thats getting caught in your closet, although it could be a ghost? who knows 😀

  9. She is such a cutey. You are doing good work here Madam. Make sure to let us know if you do find fakes. We need to be exposing frauds ourselves in order to validate the real thing.

  10. The pictures that go unnoticed at first are usually the really eerie/creepy ones. Really enjoying all of your uploads, keep up the amazing work Kaylena !

    Also these topics are very enjoyable as well !

  11. Oh no!!! Pictures are in the creepy category with kids, dolls, & clowns. Back on October 4, 2018- the Tuesday after Thanksgiving I was in the hospital due to double pneumonia ARDS and sepsis blood, I had some crazy hallucinations, but I know that some things had to be real. Thank you for your hard work Kaylena!!! ???

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