10 Real Ghosts Videos Caught On Camera

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The otherworldly world is still unknown and most likely, it will remain so forever. But there are cases when ghosts or mystical creatures still try to enter to our world. Here are 10 of the most shocking surveillance videos that appear to show paranormal activity caught on camera.

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  1. Hey stop trying to make gosts creepy they are just trying to rave and have some fun and the one bit where all of the computers turn on and off the gosts are just trying to have an epileptic fit ok?????????

  2. None of them were creepy they were actually quite funny because it is like beauty and the beast where everything was alive it was like the alive objects are pranking us????????

  3. Now think about those particular manifestations on this video. The definition of spirit is opposed to that of something which is material. Why is it that these ghosts if they were truly spiritual are able to throw things around and physically attack that poor individual? Fact is that they reveal that they are in fact material entities which are just invisible as well as interdimensional. Since they can affect the world of matter this proves that they are not the so-called spirits of the departed. Fact is that the Bible clearly states that the dead are asleep and do not fly out of their bodies at death since the Hebrew and Greek words for spirit are Nephesh which means breath = Air as well as the Greek word Pneuma which means air. The etymology of English words such as Pneumonia or Pneumatic deal with air and that is the reason why the Greek word ( Pneuma) if it can be called a prefix comes before these two particular English words. The problem came when the Bible was translated into Latin. The Latin word for breath is Spiritus and that is the reason as to why this word is associated with the spirits of the dead but in reality in the two biblical languages in which the Bible was originally written the word breath = Air and not some spiritual being that leaves your body at the time of death. What everyone is seeing in these videos are demons spirits which hate humans and that is the reason why they are attacking or creating havoc by throwing things around. Fact is that prior to Jesus Christ second coming these manifestations will be very common and demons will appear to many people and will impersonate their dead relatives. The only document in the world that exposes their activities is the Bible since it teaches in Ecclesiastes 3 and 9 that the dead know nothing and are asleep. So it is quite obvious that there is someone or something that is impersonating the dearly departed. In fact there are millions of them if not billions and they are all around us and know our habits from the time that we are born till the time we die and they can easily impersonate each one of us in order to deceive humans. They want to rob your reward of eternal life in Jesus Christ since they know that they are going to be destroyed in the Lake of Fire and they want to take out as many humans as possible.

  4. The spirit that used to disturb me when I sleep disappeared after I recite this powerful mantra from Tibet 108 times a day, it gives a very strong protection: OM BENZA WIKI BITANA SOHA. For more info, go here bit(dot)ly/DSretreat

  5. Ghosts are not spirits of the departed even the Bible says that the dead know nothing. This is found in Ecclesiastes 9:5-10. There are demons here on planet earth, they are interdimensional beings. There are perhaps billions of them who were defeated in the angelic war which is presented in the book of Revelation chapter 12. Throughout history they have been known to impersonate the so-called spirits of the departed since they the demons want to be worshiped by humans and will grasp at any opportunity to impersonate either the work of God or angels and lately they have been impersonating aliens. They are also behind the bigfoot phenomena as well as what is now known as Cryptozoology since demons have the ability to shape-change. They are also known in different countries as fairies, dwarfs as well as other hideous creatures. They also appear in the form of orbs and in this form they also impersonate UFOs. The Bible clearly warns us about them in the New Testament book of Ephesians 6:12. It states that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers in the heavens. The good news is that they have been defeated by Yeshua the Messiah aka Jesus Christ who 2,000 years ago defeated them on the cross and exposed them as liars and murderers before the whole universe. The good news relates to what happened to our planet as revealed in the book of Genesis as well as the solution that was provided in Genesis 3:15 as well as in the New Testament John 3:16. This is the only way to defeat them. Most people do not understand that our planet was handed over to Satan by Adam who handed over the keys of this world to the enemy. Apart from Jesus Christ we have no power of our own. It is only through the risen Christ and believing in his name and what he has done that we can gain the victory over them and obtain eternal life in the process. This is what they don't want humans to know or understand. Youtube is filled with videos of their supernatural manifestations. They the demons are aware that their time is running out and they want to take out as many humans as possible by keeping them entertained as well as hiding their true identity. If you were to see them as they truly are they would resemble perfect looking men. Usually very tall blonde and blue eyed as described by eyewitness accounts.

  6. scully here, im pretty sure that all of these videos could be explained rationally. i bet its all down to pranks and such things, ghosts aren't real!

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