Animals Love Bath Time Compilation

Animals Love Bath Time Compilation
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Most people believe that animals just hate baths, but this cute compilation will prove them wrong. These animals just love bath time!

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  1. I makes me sick when I see a person with a baby monkey. It mother is kept in a cage just to make babies. The mother is broken hearted when they take her baby and fall in a terrible depression, just like a human mother would do. They take it from it mother at three day and give it to some dried up old hag so she can pretend she is its mother. After loss of many babies the monkey mother turned into a strange creature that been turned insane by the loss of her babies and as soon as she give birth she leaves the new born in the middle of the cage , turns her back and goes into a tirade. And the babies themselves are never really normal the selves being raised by a women (yes it's always a women) that dresses them up for the rest of their lives like human babies. It is a sick and discussing business that humans are allowed to do.

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