Scary Ghost Videos – Ghost Caught On Camera

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In this top 5 ghost video countdown, we take a look at 5 supposedly real sightings that were caught on tape.

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  1. so I know no ones gonna read this but I stood up all night watching these videos and this video is when I’ve meant the end of the night well around 5:30 in the morning which is when I usually wake up thanks for the entertainment

  2. personally I like cctv vids. Less quality, yes but still no unnecessary noise or shaken footages. All paranomal explore vids only i hear " oh god oh god oh god oh god, what the fuck was that. What the fuck was that"
    Mostlt I see shaken video of the ground when they walk or run while pointing it on the ground.
    If you are really want to video those stuff and share try shoulder cams which attach to shoulders. Like those bike helmet cams. You may get a good video next time.
    I wont fucking do it. Hell no. So those people who do. they got balls. But lets make a good video for us too who dont want to go to a haunted place but see it on you tube ??

  3. We have open position available for a Ghost hunter.

    Candidate Qualifications:
    1- to have a shitty camera
    2- Fast runner
    3- able to scream loud as you can

  4. The painting was used in an episode of Night Gallery in the 80s. Now if your out in a cemetery looking for spirits, why run when you see one. They all run! Stick around, if it's real you may get lucky.

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