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  1. God, the Father, is already with us, from that year 1936., and He establishes the new kingdom of paradise on this planet earth and the land of India and destroys this old, iron-aged world. Because we will have to say "Adieu" to this physical world soon, God says to you, the immortal human soul, about this method with which you will become pure and charitable soul once again, He says, "My sweet child, consider yourself to be a body-less soul, a star-like point of light and remember Me, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, God Shiva alone, in My eternal form of a star-like point of light and all your already accumulated sins and vices, weaknesses, will be easily dispelled and you will be able to return back home, to Nirvana, the soul world, with Me." We have to make our subtle organs of the soul, the mind and intellect powerful. The physical organs of the body should be forgotten because they will be destroyed soon. Over-active or powerful physical organs, our work on them but, on the other side, weak subtle organs of the soul means that we have become worst than animals, as God Shiva says us. We should correct that our mistake in giving priority to the wrong things while time lasts for us here. Kind regards

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