Learning to drink from a bottle. Baby deer rescue and release

Learning to drink from a bottle. Baby deer rescue and release
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This is the first videos of the baby deer learning how to drink from a bottle. First bottle I got was way to big for her 🙂

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  1. Ваши видео можно смотреть бесконечно!В них столько любви и тепла!Любви настоящей,не сюсюканья,а заботы о животных,помощи им,поддержки.Вы для них и папа,и мама,и врач,и друг,и учитель.Приятно,что есть ещё такие люди.Вы большой молодец,здоровья и успехов во всех Ваших добрых и полезных делах.СПАСИБО!!!!

  2. Вы просто святой человек! Я наконец поняла откуда Вы — из Прибалтики! Я права?

  3. So her leg, was it just not developed enough in the womb? It seems that by making the splint and keeping it from buckling helped to give it support until it got enough nourishment and exercise to grow strong. Is that about it?

  4. Why can't they make bottles with fur and a nipple for rescued animals? So many rescuers. The baby deer is clear looking for fur as comfort amd the smell of mother. While we can't provide the smell we can certainly try for bottle sizes 25ml, 100ml, 500ml.

  5. You did a very good thing and we all thank you for helping that baby deer to health and it meeting back up with its mom and having a chance at a good life. God bless and salute

  6. You're a true animal lover. Beautiful. You also have a lot of patience. I love nature and animals myself except snakes. Keep on doing the good work.

  7. What a beautiful thing to see……that little one is doing so well. Just needed some time and milk to catch up to the other one……….sad to think if they had not been born in your yard that little one would have died.

  8. Oh gosh, this reminds me of a wonderful episode in my life. We had gone to
    Chairback Mountain camp in Maine, early in the season, the only
    visitors there. A logger had accidentally hit and killed a mother
    deer and saw a baby run into the woods. He searched for hours until
    he found it and took it to the people who ran the campsite. It had to
    be bottle fed until old and strong enough to be returned to the woods
    and I had the privilege of helping to feed it. Apart from its bottle
    it loved to suck on my earlobe, a very odd feeling. A high point in
    my life, being so close to Nature.

  9. "Honeysada": For you, your Dogs and Nanny, all the Baby Deers, all animals, the Great Natur and Mother Earth:
    "Evenings, when I go to sleep,
    Fourteen angels with me keep,
    Two stand at my head,
    Two at the foot of my bed,
    Two are at my right hand,
    Two are at my left hand,
    Two in covers tuck me,
    Two at morning wake me,
    Two that point the way to rise
    To heaven's paradise."
    Eva and Isi

  10. It pain me in my heart, if I see the baby deer with his broken leg. His tail is swirling full of live – this is sooooo great . The baby deer trust you completly – this is YOUR soul. Eva

  11. This is my favorit , toooooooo… One day i will visit you there. I like to do the same as you. I am so sorry, that Iam so fare away. Eva

  12. What kind of milk was being given? Lots of baby animals can't drink cow or goat milk, the animals can get sick and die. One Baby animal that needs special milk is baby Elephants. I was just wondering, does anyone know what kind of milk was being given to the baby deer (Fawn) ?

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