Labrador Dog Playing Football and Rugby in Rain As Summer Ends.

Labrador Dog Playing Football and Rugby in Rain As Summer Ends.
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It was a long summer and max didn’t liked it one bit, summers are not good for dogs, specially the summers in India.
So when the rainy season came max was very happy and energetic and back to running all over the place.
So this one time i decided to play with him in the rain and lets both enjoy the rain drops.

We played football or at least we tried with max favourite toy and had lots and lots of fun.
Enjoy this amazing game and i am sure its pure joy to see him like this.

Max born on 1st January suddenly became an important part of the family, so this video is just to show a glimpse of his life.

He is now the most pampered family member.

He has a very simple motto – ” lick the people you love, wag your tail every time you see them, stay as close to the family as possible, eat as much as given to you and even beg for more, take their stuff so that they chase you, never bark on strangers and basically just live the moment”.

Enjoy and spread love.

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  1. it's always a pleasure to watch Max's videos – i know I am smiling while watching for I can feel the strong bonding and love between Max and his human brother.

  2. Last time when I took my puppy to the roof top all he wanted was to explore what's on the other side of the wall and he tried to jump off several times

  3. What fun! A beautiful, refreshing rain to play in- Everyone looks so happy- Max is such a spoiled, loved boy- the way it should be!! Thank you for the lovely video.

  4. Any day now ready to watch team max rugby team.
    Liking the green space on top of the building with the plants and nice view.

  5. You tricked Max to get all wet and clean wirhout the "Bad Bath" ! What a beautiful ball field to play on. Looks like you grow your meals. Thank you Cute !!!

  6. I loved your video. The comments were hilarious and the joy your dog shows when you play with him is heartwarming. And your love for your dog makes you an amazing person! Love all the beautiful plants on the rooftop too!

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