Indian Street Food in Kolkata, India – Delicious Aloo Gobi for 15 Rupees ($0.27)!

Indian Street Food in Kolkata, India - Delicious Aloo Gobi for 15 Rupees ($0.27)!
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Filmed December 2012 in Kolkata, India. Thank you for watching this Indian street food video in Kolkata!

This food video was made by Mark Wiens and Ying Wiens. Check out our blogs: (food and travel): (Thai food): (Thai travel):

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  1. hey mark, just do not go to such chapati sabji stall roadside, they dont maintain hygiene and also they do not know how to treat people like you, who is appreciating his food. keep posting the videos, like your expressing when u take each bite of food…

  2. Thanks a lot Mark for the detailed view of my city. After seeing other videos from your Kolkata tour, I was thinking you have missed a lot of stuff here. But seeing this video on chay … I cannot complain. But also I must add, Kolkata is a place where you can choose to come again, and please taste the below items: ilish vapa, sorshe ilish, laal doi, nokurer sandesh, Kandahar laham, chicken kurchan, tel koi, pomfret haro gouri, arsalan mutton kebab, Dada boudi biriyani, bagda chingrir malaikary, halim from nakhoda masjid, topse fry, pabdar jhaal to name a few. Thanks again for staying 10 days in Kolkata.

  3. Hi mark, i like your videos mostly bcz i have not seen ever disrespecting any food regardless of taste and the region !! U deserve to have so many subscriber ??

  4. Sir you have not visited Pakistan yet I invited you to Pakistan to taste the Pakistani food and give us the pride for your hospitality.

  5. This is super late but I hope you see this comment for future clarification
    Roti – (the ones you were having in this video) roasted flat bread, mostly over fire
    Chapati – similar to roti but pan fried in oil/ghee
    Paratha – comes in two varieties layered when plain or stuffed. Pan fried as well
    Tandoori roti – wheat flour flat bread, baked in clay ovens called tandoor
    Naan – same process as tandoori roti except made with all purpose flour or what we called refined flour in India.
    Puri – deep fried flat breads made of wheat
    Bhatura – deep fried flat bread made of all purpose flour, raised over night by adding yoghurt.
    Bhakri(in some parts of India) – flat bread made with millets
    Note – none of these contain yeast.
    Just plain flour and water. Sometimes in restaurants they use eggs to make naan to give it a fluffy soft texture.

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