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  1. Damn they got the whole complex out side. I'm down for a good fight. But keep the kids in the ?.!!
    Ol girl got her ASS rolled up real quick and went inside lol ???‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??????????

  2. Damnnn it's always somebody judging but not living good yo self juss because u ain't out in the hood fighting don't mean u a good person I hate people who judge other people juss because u ain't living a thug life don't mean u still can't be frowned upon I rather be a thug then a bitch ass nigga on the internet judging people by the way they live??

  3. You wonder why the cycle of this culture doesn't change with all the little kids learning from this just to grow up and piss parents off repeating what they learn

  4. These hood fight videos use to be entertaining but now the shit is getting old. How about posting something that shows black folks in a positive aspect, yal make it look like all we do is fight and cause drama and yal know it's much more to us than that.

  5. They all should be out planting grass and figure out how to wash the windows instead of fighting and standing around to be entertained by foolishness. My people get your life right.

  6. No one has a job no one goes to school. The sound uneducated. I'm not sure what kinda English they are speaking. I feel like this is an animal exhibit.

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