Hulk’s Pitbull Puppies Fight For Survival | DOG DYNASTY

Hulk’s Pitbull Puppies Fight For Survival | DOG DYNASTY
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THE world’s biggest pitbull Hulk celebrated the arrival of three new puppies after the litter faced a dramatic battle for survival. Breeder, Dark Dynasty K9s’ (DDK9s) huge 140lb female pitbull Stella was carrying canine colossus Hulk’s latest litter, with everything going to plan in the pregnancy.
But with her due date rapidly approaching, a major storm hit the northeastern USA, with 70mph-plus winds felling trees and leaving 1.3 million people in the region without power.
Unfortunately two of the puppies were stillborn, while two others passed away in the days after the birth, leaving three surviving pups. And the sole surviving male, King Kong, is being tipped to outgrow his famous doggy dad by owner Marlon Grennan – who predicts Kong could one day top the 200lb mark.

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Videographer / director: Adam Gray
Senior producer: Tom Midlane
Edit producer: Jack Walton
Editor: James Thorne, Ian Phillips

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  1. I don't think these hate comments are really necessary. It is actually, and unfortunately, common for certain breeds to lose puppies not long after birth. Breeding those two dogs together can have complications. They showed the poor babe that had the cleft in his nose, and unfortunately, that usually means that the litter itself isn't 100% without defect. Not saying that the puppies are not in good health, but it is difficult to have most of the pups in that litter survive. I don't think it has to do with what they have done. They seem like people who really love their animals and if they cared about money… I'm sure that their housing and even their choice of cars would be far more extravagant. They would also hire people to do this instead of keeping the hands-on showing themselves. I do believe that mistakes can be made and there are ways to try and improve. I would hope that later down the line they could have a vet available to come out to their location and try to assist. That seems like a fair comment to make, but I don't feel that all of this hate and disgust is necessary. They clearly love their animals. If you don't think they do then watch the video: Goodbye Maia… that will show you their heart.

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