East African Food – He Gave Me The PRIZED DELICACY! [WARNING] – Goat Roast With Maasai in Kenya!

East African Food - He Gave Me The PRIZED DELICACY! [WARNING] - Goat Roast With Maasai in Kenya!
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Thanks again to my friend Bramuel for connecting us and taking us to a Maasai people village deep in the heart of Kajiado. We set off from Nairobi and it was about a 2 hour drive to get there. On the way, we stopped for a few samosas, which were incredibly delicious, and then continues onto a dirt road to get deep into Maasailand.

Maasai – The Maasai are a people group in Southern Kenya and Northern Tanzania. They are known for being nomadic herders, and follow the pasture as they are tend to livestock – mostly cows and goats.

One of the honors of Maasai culture is a whole goat roast, and it was a privilege to have the opportunity to see the entire process from start to finish. We arrived to the village and they got straight to work, slaughtering the goat traditional style, and sectioning it off. About 10 minutes after the goat was slaughtered the leader reached into the carcass and sliced out the raw kidney, and immediately handed me a slice, with a smile.

It was an honor to have this opportunity, to eat, and fellowship with this Maasai community in rural Kenya. It was a learning experience, and truly one of the top memories I’ve ever had.

Thank you for watching this Maasai food special video!

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  1. Mark you are a wonderful person love your videos ❤️,I am so grateful for your work because I get to see beautiful places of God's creations ,Culture of others Brothers and Sisters ,love to all .

  2. Thank you so much Mark and heading to Kenya to show the world the true form of my home country. I hate how journalists go and show the poor villages when there is so much other to see in Nairobi. Also, that t-shirt is a mood ???I need one.

  3. One of the best vlogs I have watched for Mark! I enjoyed every part of this vlog,especially eating the raw kidney part,and I exactly know how it taste. b In Sudan we also eat raw organ meats and it's called mara rah. Hope you visit Sudan and enjoy the delicious Sudanese cuisine.
    Kenya Hakuna Matata!

  4. I wish I can eat with them. They legit have one of the healthiest diet in the world better then the crap people eat in fast food restaurants here in the USA

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