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  1. "Black Lives Matter" ???. Black people wonder why they are considered a joke? It's because of stuff like this. Look at all the garbage on the ground for example. All black people do is complain about how "the white man is holding them down", no dumbass, you are doing it to yourselves. Stop blaming everyone else and pretending to be a victim. Set a good example for others instead of being a part of the problem. You should be embarrassed that this is considered normal in "the hood".

  2. ALL these tough black girls in Chicago. I cant find one to wrestle me? Damn! Cmon sexy black girl, where ya at? Lets wrestle $$$$$. Hit me up!!!

  3. Chicago going downhill so fast smfh females ya gotta rise together y'all truly be doing too much this why I don't Banga with bitches cause I'm ending lives bitches try to jump me JS

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