Best Japanese Tonkatsu – GOLDEN BOAR Gourmet Vs. Old-Style Food in Tokyo, Japan!

Best Japanese Tonkatsu - GOLDEN BOAR Gourmet Vs. Old-Style Food in Tokyo, Japan!
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Which Japanese tonkatsu would you prefer to try? Or try them both in Tokyo!
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Tonkatsu is a Japanese food that has international influence – it was originally a dish inspired from a European fried meat cutlet like Wiener Schnitzel, but it’s now one of the common Japanese dishes. Usually a pork cutlet is dipped in egg and flour, coated in breadcrumbs, and deep fried to a golden crisp. Tonkatsu is served with rice, cabbage salad, and a tonkatsu sauce which typically consists of Japanese worcestershire.

Just like with all types of Japanese food, there’s everything from fast food restaurants serving tonkatsu, to gourmet high end restaurants serving Tonkatsu.

So for this video I wanted to taste two of the best tonkatsu’s in Tokyo, eat them back to back, and compare their differences and decided on a winner… since they were so different, it ended up being a little harder to compare than I had first thought!

1. Butagumi Restaurant (豚組) – Gourmet tonkatsu, rated as one of the best
Golden boar from Hyogo
Ryuka-ton from Okinawa
Total price – 6,500 JPY ($58.70) for 2

Butagumi Restaurant (豚組) is a fancy and gourmet tonkatsu restaurant, but at the same time it’s very friendly, situated in an old Japanese house environment. One of the best things about Butagumi Restaurant (豚組) is that you can choose your specific breed of pig from the menu. Their tonkatsu is incredibly high quality and extremely delicate. Amazing.

2. Tonkatsu Tonki (とんき 目黒店) – One of the most legendary and oldest tonkatsu restaurants in Tokyo
Fatty tonkatsu
Total price – 3,800 JPY ($34.32) for 2

Tonkatsu Tonki (とんき 目黒店) is one of the most well known restaurants in Tokyo for tonkatsu, that’s been an institution in Tokyo for over 70 years. They make a much different type of tonkatsu, much rougher and the type of tonkatsu that you can chow down on, and add loads of sauce and mustard to it. One of the best things about Tonkatsu Tonki (とんき 目黒店) for me is that you can see the entire kitchen and watch your tonkatsu being made.

The Japanese tonkatsu face-off decision was so hard… and I came to 2 conclusions.

For taste – there’s no doubt Butagumi Restaurant (豚組) wins for me.
For style and ambiance – I really loved Tonkatsu Tonki (とんき 目黒店).

I think you just have to try them both when you’re in Tokyo, Japan!

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  1. ?Mark,Ying, & son! Since viewing your vlogs i've lost alot of weight due 2 the Bar Set So High for GREAT FRESH, unseen delicious foods that appear unearthly. The size of the food itself!! In the states it's not as palatable 2the taste. I don't eat pork or beef, but overseas I'm sure i would. Thanks for enlightening a lot of us. Praises 2 the time u share?

  2. Its not pork its swine! your people have renamed all of yahawah's creation even a lion was not named lion by Adam. lion is a fake Latin word because the Latin your wicked people speak is not the original Latin language neither is the hebrew of today .

  3. Mark, thank you for the recommendation! I just went to Butagumi this past week; I ate the Golden Boar, the Okinawan toro, and others I can’t remember but everything was incredible!

  4. Hai Mark your food videos are exemplary.The clarity of the videos,Your expression,The passion behind each dish & ingredient,The way you taste and Savour each bit is Amazing.I recently started to see your Videos and I can just keep going on.Enjoying every bit of it.Hats of to you Mark.The Tonkatsu is mouth watering.?

  5. I love how at the second restaurant you can see Ying kissing Micah while hes sleeping. I'm a mom and I do that exact same thing , babies just look so peaceful when they sleep ❤❤❤

  6. Absolutely love Mark Wiens. Anyone hear him say “I’m gonna take a bite right out of the… right out the center console”. ???

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