5 Scary Things Caught On Camera In The Woods

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Top 5 scary videos of ghosts, creatures, and plain ol’ SCARY people caught on camera in the dark and creepy woods! Some of the scariest encounters ever caught on video.

Ghosts, poltergeists, creatures and all the bizarre things that you might find in haunted and abandoned places in the middle of the forest. Pure nightmare fuel! ? Videos you shouldn’t watch alone.

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  1. People who go out and investigate with fkin crappy ass flashlight should be fkin haunted. Why the fuck would you investigate a haunted house or woods with a fkin 2 dollar flashlight. Buy something that can burn someones motherfucking eyes out. Like "You wanna scare me? BAAAM FLASHLIGHT BITCH!!"

  2. You probably shouldn't feature mind seed TV on your channel, you're giving yourself a bad reputation since he has faked many videos in the past.. who the hell brings fishing line and bells into the woods incase they need to set up a warning system.

  3. For all you non believers, come to Hardin county Tennessee. I'll take you out to my grandparents property where you'll believe. UFOs, little foot, ghosts, witches, and little people.

  4. Cmon by now y'all should know this kind of stuff are just people acting, if people can make horror movies nowadays then they can easily edit their videos to gain views off of ignorant people who's brains are deceived, they make money off your stupidity believing this so their shit can get views for likes and money. They have people in different costumes, different settings, but the stunts always the same they see a blurr or object and start running, y'all have to tell me you haven't seen through this by now, they can easily stage and set up before they start filming some fake shit ?‍♂️.

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