The Ultimate Animal Fighting Championships (Ramsey Dewey narrates wild animal fights)

The Ultimate Animal Fighting Championships  (Ramsey Dewey narrates wild animal fights)
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Ramsey Dewey narrates a series of animal fights caught on film, including two sloths engaged in an extremely slow battle. Two kangaroo mixed martial artists skilled in both kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, two skinks that move faster than Bruce Lee, and in the main event, two giant monitor lizards specializing in Greco-Roman wrestling.


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  1. Tell you one animal species that really understand economy of motion in combat….CATS…omg…..When they are in hunter mode they really go for broke….'Stop it She Emerald'…Silly cat come back'…lol

  2. My money's on SKIPPY……Remember that Australian show on down under years back ?….The Kangaroo who understood the plotlines better than the human cast & the audience ?……'What's-thet-SKIPPY?….three-workmen-trepped-dahn-a-mine-sharft ?..Fair-dinkum-me'ole-cobblar' !..water-bat-a-rescue ?….Put-on-the-EVERLASTS'……

  3. 1:40 Ooooooooh my karate gi, I just wanna reach through my screen, grab him, and squeeeeeeeeze him soooo much! He's so cute and cuddly!
    2:09 Whaaaaaat?!?
    Oh c'mon… ?FINISH HIM!!! Why did he give up so soon? Does the daft roo need a coach to be there, verbally hold his hand and tell him not to let go? ? What a loser. Even though technically he won… ? from my judgemental stand point–he didn't.
    lol ?

  4. Hi Coach, I have a question for you. Hopefully you will be able to test this in a practical way as you and your buddies love to do.

    My question is this: if a motorcyclist were to end up in a fight, would it be safer for him to leave his helmet on, or to take it off?

    I have heard people say that it would be much safer to take the helmet off, because if an attacker is able to grab it, it becomes an excellent control point. In my opinion, it would be better to leave it on, because it reduces the attackers options greatly. I am curious about what a professional like yourself has to say about this.


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