GHOST CAUGHT ON CAMERA!!?? Edinburgh Haunted Underground Tour

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GHOST CAUGHT ON CAMERA! Edinburgh Haunted Underground Tour

Vlogging withMoscoMoon aka the Wee Scottish Lass We went on a Mercat Tour of the Niddry Street vaults and caught *something* on film!!! It sounded like a boulder had fallen and then rolled across the floor, and all three of us heard it! I would LOVE TO KNOW what you think of what we heard in the comments below. DID WE HEAR SOMETHING PARANORMAL?


Edinburgh has a lot of famous ghost stories with some incredible history, but allow me to introduce you to Rosie, Edinburgh’s prostitute ghost. Niddry Street Vaults – the chambers under the bridge in town – were used for all kinds of underground purposes – including witchcraft, gambling and body smuggling. Most of the vaults are now part of nightclubs and pubs, including the Banshee Labyrinth. The pub is said to be haunted by Rosie, a prostitute ghost who likes to leave her mark on pub goers… There are so many cool Edinburgh ghost stories and I’d like to tell some of them, but it’ll take a while.

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  1. I did a paranormal investigation there about 2 years ago and where that gated doorway was that you heard a noise, my pal and I heard a footstep and shuffling there. Interesting!

  2. My husband and I just went on that same exact tour this past week! I was just looking up haunted vaults to see if others had seen or heard anything. As we walked down into the vaults, I had a sinking and sad feeling come over me. We didn't see anything but I did get chills , like on the top of my head at the end of the tour. But our tour guide, Alex was awesome and made it fun. Something did happen to me in London on the Tube. We had been to Portabello Road on a Saturday and made the long trip to the airport on the Tube that evening. And something tapped me on my shoulder while sitting there. I turned to see if someone wanted me to move and no one was even around. I know people don't believe it but it happened and I can't explain it. Thanks for the video, glad you guys had fun.

  3. I forgot about this video! I just did this same tour a couple of days ago! I rather enjoyed it. In the "colder" room, I personally didn't feel a temperature change. I ended up going later than I wanted to (I wanted to go earlier, in the daylight, because I was afraid I'd get freaked out). When they tell you not to go off on your own and explore, I was like, who in their right mind would want to do that?! But, once I was down there, I actually really enjoyed it, and wished I could have went and explored some of the other areas! Somehow I felt very peaceful down there. (thought, the beginning of the tour, finding out about how they punished people, that part was a little unpleasant!)

  4. I just got back from Scotland and stayed in an apartment on Niddry street South. The entrance to the vaults was right below my bedroom! Let's just say the night before I took the ghost tour and learned of our apartment location I had a dream about a white marble statue looking at me from outside my bedroom window and woke up to the feeling of someone holding my hand. I completely brushed it off until I took the vault tour that night. Needless to say I did not sleep after that tour. Watching this video gave me the heebie jeebies all over again.

  5. The Glasgow Necropolis Graveyard, go there if you want to catch ghosts, me and a few friends went there a walk one night and heard allot of weird stuff and also got some photos and you can make out some figures in some of them, the most clear one we have is of a person standing over a grave it looks like a woman in all black sorta cloak but yeah it's an interesting place.

  6. Having grown up in the New Orleans area, the original ghost tours there were rather quiet and low-key (unless a ghost was encountered). Now, it's annoying as to how commercial they have become. It's all about the money. If they actually saw a ghost, I am sure they would soil their knickers.
    Having been able to see the "spirit realm" from a very early age, I went on one of the tours. What a farce!
    Am quite interested as to what I may pick up on while touring the UK. My sister-in-law shares my ability, so we are keen to see just what happens whilst there.

  7. Very good video! I just want to save money and go to Scotland to see all those places you show in your videos! Anyway I totally get that Old town atmosphere… I'm from South America, I live in Australia now and the city I'm from is from the 1700 but I used to live in Poland (My husband is Polish) and we used to live in this old city (Tarnów) that used to be there since before it received city status in the 1300 so I imagine the feeling of the narrow streets and the old stone/brick houses when you go to pub in the night. We used to live in the city centre and had to cross the old city walls to go back home… Kraków is even older… I've never been to ghost tours there but I guess it must be very creepy…

  8. I now wonder if the Scot DNA in my blood has been the part of me drawn to the wonderful spooky supernatural, rainy and foggy nights of upstate ny. ?

  9. We went on a tour by this company as well when we were in Edinburgh. Though that was in 2006. It was great 😀
    Way to spend your honeymoon eh? XD

  10. I'm from Brazil and I went to spend the end of the year in edinburgh, I tried irn bru and loved it, from now on it's my favorite soda, I took lots to brazil

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