Cutest Puppies on YouTube! Pet Cooling Mat with Larkin and Little Bear!

Cutest Puppies on YouTube!  Pet Cooling Mat with Larkin and Little Bear!
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RELAXING, COOLING COMFORT FOR PETS – This innovative cool mat for dog and cats turns any warm, uncomfortable space into a soothing puppy or kitty bed they’ll love.
LONG-TERM ANIMAL HEALTH – By helping regulate your pet’s internal temperature with our cooling pet mat, you can help reduce pain, discomfort and overheating.
ACCIDENT RESISTANT – Crafted with a non-toxic polyester PVC composite, the surface of our cooling gel pet mat is water resistant making drooling or accidents worry free.
INDOOR AND OUTDOOR USE – Each small pet cooling mat can be enjoyed almost anywhere your pet rests, including the couch, car, backyard, hardwood floor & more.
GUARANTEED SATISFACTION – Whoa Broke Supply products are backed by reliable durability and unbeatable customer service for true quality assurance you can trust.

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