5 Scary Things Caught On Camera : GHOST Hunters & URBEX

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The Top 5 scary videos captured by ghost hunters and urban explorers! Some very scary things caught on camera in abandoned places – some paranormal, ghosts caught on tape kinda stuff, but also some frights in real life urbex .

Everything from 3 boys exploring an abandoned house that turns out not to be so abandoned. Mysterious creatures caught on tape in the desert. Scary video of real creepy, bizarre urbex / urban exploration encounters and paranormal investigations that MIGHT not actually be supernatural apparitions, all caught on video.

If you enjoyed this eerie Nuke’s Top 5 list, also check out 5 Scary Things Caught On Camera In Tunnels https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBP9hWHIJYk
and also this Nukes Top 5 – Abandoned Places * 5 SCARIEST Urban Exploration Videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAFLed86mro


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  1. What do most of these people expect? Everyone loves exploring abandon places. The Alarming phone call is just another group of YouTube explorers trying to do the same thing.

  2. In my opinion the worst video yet.
    Just most things aren't scary or the scary things are unmentioned.
    Nevertheless good content.
    Keep it up.

  3. I think I have gone through most of your videos since last week, your top 5 are favorite to watch while I'm supposed to be working. lol BTW not sure if you ever checked out the CHILLS youtube channel but just wanted to say your narration is so much compelling than his.

  4. Number one, in my opinion the legally blind guy should not be Urban exploring at night and unarmed the number to the two guys that were Urban exploring in a bad neighborhood should not be doing so if they're unarmed!

  5. At the four minute and twelve to the about four minute and twenty mark you can see an aperitition at the end of the hall skulk away as he pans the camera towards the opposite wall. If you can't see it you not paying attention at all I can't believe what I saw . come on people what was that .fuck me ?

  6. It's Dan! 😀 He even had a shadow person in one of his videos about an old Kaufmann's Store or what it was called and didn't notice it. If ghost are real and Dan will catch one on camera, he's the only person I would really believe 'cause he doesn't believe in this stuff himself.

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