13 Real Ghosts Caught on Camera

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Do you believe in ghosts? This video may make you a believer as we reveal 13 ghostly videos all caught on camera.


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  1. this is my paranormal experience.

    So, one summer evening, I was just chilling in our porch. My BFF next door starts running towards me and said "Anne's acting strange." I ask my mom if I could go to her place then proceed to her little sister's room, Anne starts screaming and throwing what she can get her hands on to the seemingly empty corner. She starts crying and saying sorry to 'Lillia' I remeber very little only but I what Anne said will scare me shitless. "I'm so sorry Lillia! I can't kill Mia!"

  2. I was laying in bed, and I heard a bang in the bathroom. My sister is in the room next to me, but I still didn't want to go to check it out. After a while, I got the guts to see what it was. In the bathroom, nothing was different. Then I heard a bang in my room, I sprinted to my room, and… nothing. Another bang in the bathroom, nothing was in there. I heard the bang in my room.Nothing was in there. I soon gave up, and I hope, to this day, that it was a dream.

  3. I can't say it was the scariest thing that ever happened to me but it was the most annoying. I used to collect prices on items in grocery stores for a living. One time I was programming my scanner as I walked down the detergent aisle when out of nowhere a 2 gallon bottle of Tide flew off a top shelf and hit me in the head. Mind you five different people saw it happen and no one seemed to notice that there was NO WAY it should have happened ( NO body was stocking shelves and there was not an earthquake. )

  4. Ahh… And you were doing so well until #5. It is very well known at this point that it is a commercial for Diesel jeans in Spain.

  5. Many things have happened to me, but two things srsly shook me. When I was about ten, I slept in my moms bed bc my dad was working late and we both were still awake in the middle of the night and suddenly we heard the front door open and someone walk in and we thought it was my dad who came home but no one moved after that so we kept really quiet and then we heard kids laugh and saw a kid in our doorframe and then it left and the door closed again. We BOTH saw it and we were SO scared. When I tell anyone it sounds soo fake but it really happened and it still scares me tbh. The next thing is that my friends little sister is shitzophrenic and she has an imaginary friend but this girl called Emma really existed in the 1920's and died bc her father had abused her. Their father used to abuse them too and went to jail and she says she's the only one who can relate this well to Emma bc of that. It's creepy af. She even draws her and she looks exactly the way the real Emma used to look like.

  6. I might have just been excessively tired, but I was trying to turn my phone flash light on one night and accidentally opened up the camera. It COULD have just been turned around to face me, but I could see my ceiling fan in the background which meant that it wasn't. The freakiest part was that something that looked distinctly like me was crouched over me, with matted hair and this insane leer/glare on its face, and then it just grinned when I screamed. I blinked and it disappeared and when I turned on the light, nothing was there. No cold spots, no weird noises. Nothing. I've never seen it since then. Maybe I was asleep and it was just a very realistic nightmare?

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