What are your travel and food questions?

What are your travel and food questions?
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I received a comment a few days ago, someone asking me to answer food and travel questions, and I thought it was a great idea.

I want to hear and answer your food and travel questions.

What have you been wondering?

Leave your questions in a comment below, and I’m going to choose some of the best questions to answer them on future videos and blog posts.

Thank you, and see you soon!


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  1. Hi Mark , Till now which country is best and cheapest iin street food ?
    [*Best – Not too bad for health etc] 
    Looking forward for your reply 
    Thanking you in advance !

  2. Since you eat so many types of different street foods so often, how do you avoid getting sick, most of the environments don't look clean and people never wear gloves before preparing the food, so do you ever suffer any types of sicknesses from eating different street foods?

  3. Hi Mark
    What is the tastiest type of fish you have ever eaten ?
    Have you been sick from eating freshwater seafood from some of the brown dirty rivers in Asia ?
    Have you been to Australia ?
    If so have you filmed eating stuff there ?

    Thanx Clint

  4. U haven't try real nepali cusine in your video when you were been in Nepal…any way if you want to try real food of Nepal then post me

  5. How do u keep for getting sick when u eat at all the road side stands in third world countries?? And would u consider doing videos of you making the food in your travels? Love u Mark! ((Hugs)) and so glad u have such a awesome camera-wife! 🙂

  6. I am traveling to Bangkok with my buddy in May 2014 and my travel question is….. would you ever consider being a guide? I love your videos and want to try the best of the best!!!!! 

  7. I,ve just discovered you! I love watching videos like this!
    One question, how could you manage to travel around the world with your wife? Where's the source of income?

  8. I will be traveling to Laos next year but I'm very scared about my safety because I hear all kinds of bad stories about their experience in foreign country. How should I react or what should I do when something goes wrong?

  9. Where would you say is the most difficult/impossible to get vegetarian food and what can one do in that situation especially if you don't know the language?

  10. Hi I went to Thailand years ago now , Stayed in Bangkok for a few weeks at the Baiyoke sky hotel .Anyway down the street abit there was a big supermarket called the big C ( i think ) They had 1 floor just full of food and restaurants , have you eaten there b4 ?
    I would love to see the place in one of you vids !
    Love your work , keep it up

  11. Hi Mark.  So when are you gonna visit The Philippines again? Your two vids from back in the day isn't enough! Oh.. and not related to the PI but just traveling in general… what's the most sketchiest situation you've been in?  Love the channel and Happy Holidays! Oh.. and when are you gonna bust out your conversational Thai? I'm not Thai but when you pronounce the words it sounds spot on. Are you fluent in Thai? What languages can you speak? Ok.. I'll stop. Merry Xmas!

  12. Is it safe so travel alone trough Thailand as a woman? Or do you have tips for me to make it safe?
    ps: I love your videos!! 🙂

  13. I've been a subscriber for a long time, and I'd say just continue with including the BLOOPER segments at the end!!!  Your food reviews are super-interesting as they are, that's why we are all here!!

  14. Hi Mark…love that you're doing this.  You're so passionate about different dishes where ever you go, you seem to love everything, but have you ever had anything on your travels that you really didn't like?  Happy travels and safe holiday!

  15. Mark, does your wife eat your leftovers or does she have her plate behind the camera?can we get her to introduce herself one ofbthese days?

  16. have you ever got food poisoning from eating street food?

    Have you ever been in a plane that malfunctioned while you where flying to different countries? If so tell us how felt.

    Have you always liked the food that you have tasted before? 

  17. Hi Ying & Mark,
    My question is; considering all of the places you've travelled to, and all of the different modes of transport used (planes, trains, boats, animals etc), have you ever feared for your safety or life?
    Merry Xmas to you both and looking forward to corresponding with you in 2014.

  18. Hey Mark! I'm always fascinated by your love for food and wanted to experience the same. I'm planning to travel again to thailand in the coming year but this time I'll go to phuket(hopefully) I'm single(and happy) in my early 30's and will travel alone. Now, for my question where do you suggest it's safe to go alone for a woman? And what are the do's and don'ts? I must tell you, this is my first time to travel solo and I must admit it does scare the s*** out of me thinking but i have to satisfy my thirst for adventure…

  19. Do u fall sick after eating road food in foreign land ? do u get review of the place where u eat or u randomly pick the restaurant u eat in ?
    Love u r show.. continue your journey

  20. What cuisine has surprised you the most? (compared to your expectations)

    Also, except for food, what do you enjoy most while travelling?

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