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  1. Hi Mark Smith I saw U on your Live stream Somewhere Beautiful of U sitting in your car on your Own it made me so upset and emotional

  2. Can u guys tell me what u guys here @ 26:00 please right when he says "who touched the back of my shoulder" im almost positive i hear my last name but i cant make out right before it says minton. I think i know what i hear but i just want to know if u guys heard the same thing please please let me know cause if it says what i think it said ill probaly cry. Thanks for the help

  3. Spiritual cleansing will do little, only love for Christ and prayer. Everyone who dies has there spirit placed in waiting places under Sheol awaiting Judgment day. Book of revelations. There are no human spirits on earth, you are contacting demonic entities which are stuck here till judgment day, book of Enoch talks about these spirits when they were In the flesh..they are the 200 watchers and there offspring who rebelled against God led by Satan, they have no bodies anymore and roam as spirits.

  4. Jesus loves you Mark! The reality is the ghosts, apparitions, disembodied voices and attachments your experiencing is demonic,the good news is written in John 3:16 Jesus who died for us can be called upon and invoking Jesus Christ to deal with demonic works but only with prayer faith and understanding of the word. This spiritual war Mark Ephesians 6:12English Standard Version
    Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall hurt you. I send this message to you in love may Jesus find you in prayer and the words of the Bible.

  5. Brillant and Proper as Always..? Just curious If you Block Any person commenting neg or wat not why can they still comment here!? Yes it's Yr Chnl And You Will Do As You Please.? Phill Dont Want That Either. Don't Blame You Guys.

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