Ghosts Caught on Tape? 5 Best Ghost Videos 2017

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In this top 5 ghost sightings countdown, we take a look at 5 ghosts caught on camera videos.

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Top 5 Real Ghost Caught on Camera Videos


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  1. First one,,she talking in sleep…..second one,,someone sitting on road, is a gang game, they hopefully someone will stop and they will jump out of wood to steal car, rape or kill you. Empty home, hotel, etc….is homeless people living there, so they will make noises to get you out

  2. Ghost girl if you look close at that picture there's not only the girl the woman standing there look a little lower you'll see a guys face to.

  3. The '2 voices' in the audio recording still sounds like her. She's talking in her sleep and responding to herself. It's her voice, it's just gravelly, like she's making the effect of somebody else talking. People talk in their sleep all the time, and even do some weird shit, nothing paranormal imo.

  4. at 6;05 theres not only a face of a woman/girl but just below it there is a face of a man/boy in the photo as well…. just off the ladys shoulder and above the guys head.

  5. @ 6:34 forward, when the bike guy stops for the ghostly girl, look at the shadow he came from – the ghostly girl wasn't the only haunting in this video – there is 2 eyes and some "arms" trying to catch the guy when he flees the scene on foot.

  6. Second clip… guys in the car just bunch of wussy. I would literally get out of the car and find out. Maybe just a drunk guy lost his shit in the middle of the road.

  7. Ghost have no shadows…the last one is clearly you can see the ghost have a shadow…and the biker wont be stopping to check it out after seeing the ghost disseaper in front of his eyes,he would drive away as quickly as possible due to fear

  8. At 2:01 it's a video wasn't set up manipulated it's very possible that some type of cell Jammer or Jammer may have caused that car to do that if it has any type of satellite tracking therefore very well could have been somebody trying to carjack them it's probably manipulated and fake that is another possibility

  9. Did anyone else see the man below the girl in the asylum picture? It looks like an old photo superimposed over the new one. There are also Black felt tip pen lines to the left of the man’s image.

  10. In the last one you can tell the dude was petrified cause he lost all common sense. He was literally like fuck this, I gotta get out of here………………*runs*??
    I can't even lie though, this is probably something I would do, but if this were to happen to me I would hope that I choose the motorcycle as my escape.

  11. The second voice in the sleep app recording doesn't sound like "It's them," it sounds like "Examining.." ?

    And in the one with the news reporters, I hear "Down here" not "Come here" … creepy af

  12. #5 – I think, he should have stayed in order to check, if the girl is okay. Just because she can either teleport or turn invisible or phase in and out of existence doesn't mean, she can't be hurt or scared by a (near-)accident.

  13. The girl on the road is a hologram you could see the light source coming from the bushes you could see the image doesnt show up until his almost on top of the supposedly ghost. All this ghost all bs their is no such thing people just create their own images when they are already scare remember your mind creates your own reality and perception

  14. So what he encounter a drunk on the road thats not scary hes just a chicken. The girl and bike who the hell was filming at 1:23 am exactly when the guy is driving his bike that is suspicious plus there is artificial light coming from the bushes it looks like a light from a holograph

  15. I would have driven right up to that guy sitting in the road, like within a few feet (im also blind af so I wanna see what im looking at) then honk my horn because I got places to be, and its hard being a strong independent black women with kids, when you're a white male

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