Ghost Caught On Camera – 5 SCARY Ghost Videos

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The Top 5 ghosts caught on tape and spotted in real life.
In this top 5 list, we count down scary ghost videos that are trending now, including analysis and investigation of the real ghost stories behind the scary videos. This is some of the best supernatural evidence ever caught on video !

Everything from haunted houses to a little ghost girl that followed a man home. We even see a security guard investigate a strange ghostly apparition in a haunted plane. Are these hauntings and ghost videos real ? You decide.

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BIG THANKS to Edu (Twitter: @edubsas) for his HUGE help translating the Spanish videos in the top 5 list !


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  1. Okay, fake or not – here's something REALLY weird in the little girl ghost video that I only noticed because I had to watch it like 100x to edit it- Look towards the VERY bottom of the black shape in that video when he sees it. It looks like a single eye opens (???) and looks at the guy.

  2. Again, excellent compilation. i'm clicking the bell icon now. ?

    I am going to run, get someone, and go back with that someone to check the plane again. ?

  3. totally it his nana…. ghosts are not dangerous… i don't know why people get so scared…. i have like 3 kid ghosts in my apt. right now… no big deal……

  4. I would yell “Get Out Of Here Demon In The Name Jesus Christ of Nazareth And Never Return!!”
    Then he would HAVE To leave.
    Yes it’s just that easy to get rid of those evil demons. Btw, that’s what ghost are, Demons. That’s why It’s not good to be ghost hunters. It’s quite foolish putting yourselves in harms way.

  5. The second to last one is clearly fake. When he turns on the flashlight, the ghost seems to stoop down as if looking or grabbing something off the coffee table, right? Nope. Watch the flashlight in correlation to the "ghost" and they move in tandem. Either it's a hell of a trick of the light, amplifies by faulty wiring, or it's been motion tracked to the flashlight in post production software.

  6. ghost at grandmas.. did this family get the house tramped? what i mean by this is.. after someone passes away youd go back and get the house blessed this helps loved ones move on peacefully. it stops the spirits from thinking their still alive where they go on about their business the longer you leave it the more confused they become, then things like this happen often.

  7. I’ve seen the plane one, scared the ? outta me ? also the hotel one (not featured here) with the screaming ghost ? second to last one was creepy too

  8. Ok,the fella in his deceased grandmas house, when the cupboards open,you can tell by his voice he’s scared, but the beaded curtain bit, that’s when I thought “no” ?

  9. Because of videos like this when i go to the bathroom at night i have double look in the mirror walking past it in dark!.

    You have any idea how scary it is looking into a mirror at 2am having watched this all night!!??.

  10. The more I watch these videos the more I get scared but I enjoy being scared honestly. I prefer this channel along with Chills and Mr. Nightmare

  11. Personally, I blame all the incidents on the beardy bloke with the torch at the beginning of the clip. He keeps popping up everywhere. He's been spotted in NASA, laboratories, often he is handcuffing folks, talking with plod, the feds or shining a torch randomly. And he has an accomplice, a dude with grey hair who also pops up in labs looking into microscopes, studying computer screens, attending secretive meetings, or wearing in HAZMAT suits. Let this be a warning to anyone. If you see either one of these men… Run for your lives!!! Weird and scary stuff is about to, is, or has happened. Beardy bloke and Grey haired dude are very dangerous men!
    OK, public address warning over….
    Not sure if you'll read this being as it's last year but great vid mate.
    Keep them coming!!!

  12. I have seen hundreds, if not thousands of paranormal videos. That dark shape on the girls bed that opened it's eye was probably in my top 5 all time believable clips. And the soccer stadium guard is also a top shelf clip. Nuke really gets the good ones.

  13. why do people feel the urge of "poking" things they can't fully understand? You see something like that, turn around and walk away. You never mess with things that can squash you like a bug.

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