Cute Kids Surprised With Pets! | Try Not To Cry Challenge

Cute Kids Surprised With Pets! | Try Not To Cry Challenge
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This is the ultimate surprise! And the reactions are so sweet you’re going to have to try not to cry. It is universally known that kids and pets are the cutest things in the entire world. The only thing cuter than the kids and pets are videos of kids who are surprised with their first pet!! If your heart doesn’t melt into two when watching this clip, you might be a robot. I love the girl who holds onto her new puppy in the backseat of her car and cry-screams “I don’t want to let him go, I’m just so happy!”

Like this video if these adorable animal surprises made you smile. Comment down below and tell us which of these animal surprises made your day. Ours is probably the one at 1:42 because that girl is literally so happy it brought a tear to my eye. More like Try Not To Cry Challenge, am I right?

Cute Kids Surprised With Pets! | Parents Surprising Kids Compilation


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  1. i must say that giving a animal who needs lots of love and attention is not a good gift to very young children under the age of 14 under the age of 14 they have very narrow view on what they want and not the responsability that come's with sheltering an animal it will eventualy ends up mom dad or othet adults in a familiy to look after those animals

  2. i hate kids girls and woman screaming in a high pitch voice they go from normal zero to a quarter of a second absolute mad and crazy very anoying even if it is something to be happy about

  3. I have reservations about liking this. It’s great to get a pet but the parents must tell their offspring not to scream as they have much more sensitive hearing than we do and some of them – like the final video proves just how scared in a new environment and being screamed at and charged by several humans.
    Sorry but parents need to reinforce this for the sake of the animal.

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