Animal abuse: mutilated puppy in Bangka rescued by an animal rescuers from Jakarta – TomoNews

Animal abuse: mutilated puppy in Bangka rescued by an animal rescuers from Jakarta - TomoNews
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BANGKA BELITUNG, INDONESIA — A 3-month-old puppy found with severed legs and other signs of brutal abuse has been saved by animal welfare workers from certain death an industrial site on the Indonesian island of Bangka.

Photos of the pup, named Brownies, have since gone viral. Here’s what we know.

Brownies was a factory dog whose young short life had been filled with misery. He suffered unending abuse at the hand of people so cruel they even cut off his two front legs.

But then, one day in April, a local woman named Mrs Suwati discovered him in a plastic plant pot near the factory, close to death, and rushed him to a vet.

There he received basic treatment that probably saved his life, as he was also suffering broken bones, a dislocated jaw and severe dehydration.

Yet, it quickly became clear that even better treatment was needed, and so Suwati contacted Garda Satwa, an animal welfare organization in Jakarta.

On April 30, a small team of Garda Satwa staff flew to Bangka island to collect Brownies and take him back to Jakarta.

There, his jaw and shoulders were reset and his infected stumps were amputated to prevent the disease spreading. He pulled through and is now on his way to recovery.

So for every story of human cruelty, there’s another one of compassion.

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  1. How mentally disturbed and twisted do you have to be to harm an animal , to put them through suffering so horrible they shriek in pain and may even see death as an alternative to it. Science has proven cats and dogs have the capability to feel emotions, and you do this to them?

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